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The Pacific Ramblers
Live on KTOH, Kauai, Hawaii
March/April 1945

In 1945 the band the Pacific Ramblers were entertaining listeners on radio station KTOH, located in Kauai, Hawaii.

Pacific Ramblers on KTOH

The Pacific Ramblers performing on KTOH
© Collection of Dale Halleron
Radio Heritage Foundation

Dale Halleron wrote to us:

I have a picture from inside the studio in 1945. My dad and some other guys playing music live on the air in front of the microphone.

I think the date reads 1-25-45. The band was called the Pacific Ramblers. The man on the far left was my dad, William Lee Halleron. I still have that guitar. I don't know the other names. There is even a woman hiding behind one of the men, I see her dress.

Dale has also donated rare recordings of three shows performed by the Pacific Ramblers on KTOH in 1945.

He writes:

The attached music was recorded live on KTOH on March 22, 1945. I still have the original 16" discs, although they are deteriorating. There are a few skips and scratches as can be expected. I converted them to CD format around 2005.

Show Aired 22nd March 1945


01 Opening Theme - Pacific Ramblers
02 Avalong Town - Pacific Ramblers
03 Prisoner's Dream - Gladys and Ida
04 Chinese Breakdown - Mandolin Bill
05 Where the Silent Times are Bending - Smitty
06 That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Ida
07 That Good Old Mountain Music - Pacific Rambler's
08 Marmaduke Hornpipe - Pacific Ramblers
09 I Hung My Head and Cried - Mary Jane
10 Under the Double Eagle - Mandolin Bill
11 I'm Glad I Met You After All - William L Red Halleron
12 Closing Theme - Pacific Ramblers
15 Ragady Ann - Pappy Adams
16 Log Cabin Waltz - Pappy Adams
17 Closing Theme - Pacific Ramblers

The shows were popular with listeners as this request letter shows.

Dale writes:

A copy of a fan letter written about this very broadcast. She mentions "Red" who is my dad William Halleron. I tried to find her to give her a copy of her letter, but it seems she has passed away.

Listener Request Letter

© Collection of Dale Halleron, Radio Heritage Foundation

Show Aired 18th April 1945


01 Opening Theme - Pacific Ramblers
02 The Darktown Strutter's Ball - Pacific Ramblers
03 Yellow Rose Of Texas - Gladys and Ida
04 Over The Waves - Pacific Ramblers
05 Clementine - Don
06 I'll Get Along - William L Red Halleron
07 Sweethearts Or Strangers - Ida
08 Alabama Jubilee - Pacific Ramblers
09 Sierra Slew - Don
10 Sally Goodin - Pappy Adams
11 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight - Mary Jane
12 Fortescue #1 - Pappy Adams
13 Let The Rest Of The World Go By - Don
14 Fortescue #2 - Pacific Ramblers
15 Closing Theme - Pacific Ramblers

Request envelope

© Collection of Dale Halleron, Radio Heritage Foundation

Show Aired 26th April 1945


01 Opening Theme - Pacific Ramblers
02 Back Home In Indiana - Pacific Ramblers
03 Montana Queen - Ida
04 Voice From The Old Villiage Choir - Don
05 Little Brown Jug - Pacific Ramblers
06 Roger Dodger Reporter - Pacific Ramblers
07 Riding The Trail Back Home - The Silver Sisters
08 Home In San Antone - Smitty
09 Unknown - Pacific Ramblers
10 Grandfather's Clock - Don
11 Funeral Home Commercial - Pacific Ramblers
12 I Told You So - Mary Jane
13 PFC On A 3 Day Pass - Pacific Ramblers
14 Worried Mind - William L Red Halleron

image of Hawaii Radio Station KTOH letterhead

KTOH letterhead detail 1953.
© Laurie Boyer Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

This feature was compiled from audio recordings and clippings kindly donated by Dale Halleron

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