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5DN Adelaide

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5DN First South Australian Station

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5DN - South Australian Key Station of the Macquarie Network

In June 1924, 5DN commenced the first regular broadcasting service for listeners in South Australia, from the home of the late Mr. E. J.Hume at Parkside, a suburb of Adelaide.

A "B" Class licence was applied for by 5DN on 1st August, 1924, and Licence No. 14 was afterwards granted by the P.M.G. Department, The wavelength then given to the station - 313 meters - has been retained ever since.

Mrs. Hume presented the first programmes from the drawing room of her home, 15 Park Terrace, Parkside.

Somehow, at great expense, a W.E. microphone and amplifier, both "prohibited imports" found their way into service with subsequent improvement in transmission.

Recorded music was first used in 1924. A microphone was placed in front of a. "Sonora" gramaphone. First "pick-up" was used in Paringa Buildings in 1926, made by the Chief Engineer, E. J. Hume. Pick-ups were so strange with their lack of external sound that mistakes were often made, the microphone being left "on'' and the pick-up "off," leading to extemporaneous programme matter being broadcast, which, although doubtful entertainment for the listening public, spoke highly for the station's morale.

Since 1926, 5DN has progressed in leaps and bounds, and since 1930 has been located atop the C.M.L. Building. The Station has kept abreast of all modern developments, technically and from the entertainment viewpoint. This progress can best be stated in the words of the Premier of South Australia (Hon. T. Playford) at the 21st anniversary celebrations of 5DN during 1945... "5DN has become a household word, and has earned the high reputation which it enjoys. I feel sure that I am expressing the sentiments of all listeners when I wish the Staff continued success and tender the thanks of South Australians for the services which have been rendered.''

Personalities of 5DN 'First Station in the State'

image of Alan Sanders

Alan Sanders

Chief Announcer of the Station ALAN SANDERS hails from Melbourne where he was announcing from 3AW, a bright, virile radio personality, he is especially popular with listeners. His handling of every type of programme has brought him an ever widening circle of enthusiastic listeners.

image of 'Kay' Catherine Brownbill

'Kay' Catherine Brownbill

"Kay" BROWNBILL has brought to radio a thorough knowledge of journalism. This, combined with an imaginative brain and a keen wit has endeared her to feminine audiences. She handles with ease and charm Fashion broadcasts, Shoppers' Quizzes and her very own programme "Can I Help You?" in which she helps her listeners to get the things they want… to exchange articles… and helpful household hints.

image of Barry McDonald

Barry McDonald

Coming to 5DN from Melbourne some three years ago, BARRY McDONALD has quickly made a name for himself as one of South Australia's finest announcers - and a broadcaster of "special events." Barry has broadcast from a Submarine at sea… from other ships of the Navy at sea… has interviewed important people… given Adelaide his impressions while flying in a "Super-Fortress."

image of Matt Hynes

Matt Hynes

MATT HYNES Sporting Editor
As the Chief Sporting Announcer of 5DN, MATT HYNES is, of course, well known to most South Australians. His sporting sessions cover practically every day in the week and his Saturday broadcasts of all South Australian race meetings are eagerly listened to by all lovers of the Sport of Kings. Interstate listeners on the Macquarie Network hear Matt's descriptions of important South Australian races.

image of 'Phyliss' Mrs E. Pullman

'Phyliss' Mrs E. Pullman

"PHYLISS" has been in radio since its infancy. For many years she has handled the Women's Session during 5DN's morning programme… During the six years of war she devoted her efforts to many patriotic activities and helped raise considerable sums of money.

image of Mel Cameron

Mel Cameron

After 5 years abroad with the Air Force, MEL CAMERON has returned to 5DN as Breakfast Session announcer. Mel calls it his "New Dawn Patrol"… Popular with every radio listener, he brings to the microphone a breezy personality and experience gained in Canada, The United States and Great Britain.

Australian Radio History

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