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Book Review
Never A Dull Moment
by Keith Richardson

image of Never A Dull Moment jacket

Never A Dull Moment jacket.
© Keith Richardson.

Keith Richardson is known to Kiwi babyboomers for his top rating radio shows on 1XN Whangarei, 2ZC Napier, 2ZB Wellington and to even more recent listeners on Radio Pacific, Greater Wellington FM, Radio Fifeshire and others.

'Never A Dull Moment - My Life in Broadcasting and other Diversions' is a little gem, as Keith lays, no holds barred, 'A Colourful Career' in front of the reader.

'Top 40' at 2ZC, 'NZ Hit Parade' and 'NZ Top 20' are the record spinning shows for which Keith is often best remembered, and these programs with their crazy sound effects, double entendres and more pushed the limit of acceptability on notoriously fuddy duddy state radio in the 1950's and 60's.

Keith has enjoyed a very colorful career indeed, and this well illustrated book takes us inside the dark days, the bright lights and the lonely nights that tell the gritty story of the lad from the Isle of Wight who has become what contemporary broadcaster Derek Lowe calls 'one of the living legends of NZ radio'.

image of Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson.
'2ZB had me autograph this shot for promotion purposes.' © Keith Richardson.

'The night I was reading commercial network news on 2ZB and a listener sent in a carton of beer for the boys. Well, foolishly, but as you might expect, we imbibed. None of us thought anything about it until it was my turn to read the 11pm news nationwide. I did very well until I got to the story about the MOT introducing breath testing. Then I completely lost the plot, the speech, the words, everything. The next thing I recall was Dick Weir, my boss, on the phone to the effect "You're fired."'

This is a great read for nostalgic Kiwi radio listeners, contemporary broadcasters, todays media students, in fact anyone who wants to make the connection between popular culture and radio, have a great laugh and learn some insights along the way.

image of A Colourful Career CD jacket

A Colourful Career CD jacket.
© Keith Richardson.

Even better, Keith's old 'tekkie' mate [David Lindsay] carefully kept many of Keith's great moments on radio and the book comes packaged up with a brilliant CD.

2ZC listeners will remember the '1280 Porridge Club' - the CD has the theme; what was the NZ Top 40 in October 1963 - the CD has the show; Fab 50, ZC Beat, Philips Record Show interview with Julie Felix [remember her!], and so much more including 'KR Keeps it Moving' from The Avengers....and of course, there's the famous pork commercial - the alternative version!

Read the book, listen to the CD and be transported back to some of the hottest days on public and private radio from an era that Kiwis will always remember.


Keith's book 'Never a Dull Moment' is now available for just $US74.95 including all shipping and handling costs anywhere in the world,

image of Never A Dull Moment jacket

Never A Dull Moment jacket.
© Keith Richardson.


your copy will be personally autographed by Keith,


you will get the CD with all those wonderful nostalgic tracks and music.

If you enjoyed this review, you'll also enjoy our popular features 'From Hawkes Bay to Replay' by Keith's 'tekkie' David Lindsay, and 'NZ Radio Dial 1978'.

We'll leave the last word on Keith's book and career to someone who featured so often on those Top 20, Fab 50 and more hit parade shows:
image of Elvis Presley autograph

'To Keith, thanks. Elvis Presley'.
© Keith Richardson.


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