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The Paddle
Palmerston North

Beat Generation

By Sam Baker - Tribune
image of contributors to Palmerston North radio station The Paddle

Airwave Paddlers: Some contributors to new Palmerston North radio station The Paddle, including turntablist, lyricists and musicians. Founder Jesse Herbert is at centre.
© Manawatu Standard.

The Paddle no, it isn't a canoe or swim club but a community-based radio station which has just hit the Palmerston North airwaves.

The station is the idea of Jesse Herbert (DJ Jessmon) and aims to unite the already established DJ scene in the city.

"I've had this project in the making for the last eight years," he says. "It is to bring all the Palmy DJs and MCs (lyricists) together and promote ourselves not only in Palmy but nationwide and worldwide."

"The DJ scene in Palmerston has been around for about 20 years and the talent that is out there is worth promoting."

The station operates from a spare room in an inner city flat on 107.5FM and is on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week playing a mix of live and recorded music. It's hoped after a year of operation there will be enough income and sponsorship to rent a studio.

Mr Herbert is also in talks to get a better frequency so The Paddle can have a clearer and wider ranging signal.

It is the only radio station in Palmerston North dedicated to turntable-based DJ-ing, playing house, hip-hop, drum and bass, progressive and side trance, breaks, 2-step and garage, to name a few genres.

It is also a group effort with everyone and anyone interested chipping in to help out and get the project up and running.

"We are starting everything from scratch so any help is appreciated," Mr Herbert says. "If there's anybody out there who has an idea of something that they can do or contribute to The Paddle then please get in contact."

By the end of this year he hopes the station will be broadcasting live from the bars DJs play at around town such as Honey and Uno's, with other venues in the pipeline.

The other component to The Paddle is the website,, designed by Duddley Masuku.

The site will be connected with the station and streaming live by the official launch on May 28.

The website will provide information on the DJs and MCs, with gig guides, portfolios, reviews, free music downloads and online gaming to be added as they are ready.

"The Paddle is all about bringing Palmy people the beats, and banding together with one common goal of exposing the true Palmy talent to all those with open ears, hearts and minds," Mr Herbert says.

Jesse Herbert can be contacted on 021 103 0352 or

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