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LocalRadio.Choice : Welcome Message

For many years, the Radio Heritage Foundation has maintained the most comprehensive guides to many local radio stations in New Zealand.

These guides are currently being revised and expanded to include all independent local radio brands in New Zealand, revealing a wonderful and wide range of programs, personalities and service to local communities across the country.

Passionate individuals, non-profit and community organizations, and professional local radio broadcasters are serving up real Localradio.Choice and building local listener loyalty and support.

The February 22 2011 Christchurch earthquake was a defining moment for us when we realized that local communities in the city had lost their local radio stations and familiar voices... and were now losing touch with the street by street emergency information they so desperately needed.

We instigated Radio New Brighton 102.1 FM broadcasting from a mobile radio studio in the heart of the shattered eastern suburbs with programs to heal and support the local community at the most local of levels.

This is a return to ‘roots radio’ because radio began as a service to local communities in New Zealand long before state and networked radio arrived.

Kiwis grew up with fond memories of their favourite local DJs and other personalities.

Even in today’s American commercial broadcasting landscape of clusters, brands and networked feeds, the key to successfully serving listeners remains ‘local, local’ local’ ... as expressed by industry leaders at the annual Chicago National Association of Broadcasters Conference in September 2011.

Our involvement with LocalRadio.Choice builds on our mission to connect radio heritage, nostalgia and popular culture.

There are 14 initial participating radio brands with The Gold Collection and The Summer Collection already available as collective buys.

I encourage all advertisers, sponsors and advertising agencies to add LocalRadio.Choice to their marketing channels and media mix.

It’s simple, it’s supporting local radio, local listeners and the local community and it’s keeping it all Kiwi.

David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
September 2011

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