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LocalRadio.Choice : The Summer Collection

The Summer Collection

Every summer, thousands of Kiwis flock to the beach, filling holiday homes, baches, camping grounds, campervans, motels and more... and are joined by the high season foreign tourists... and if the beaches are close to major urban areas... thousands more day trippers also join the exodus.

There are LocalRadio.Choice stations in a growing number of these popular summer resort areas and when the hundreds of thousands of transistor, holiday home and car radios are switched on, they’ll often tune to these local stations as part of the great escape from daily routines...

Brand Market Ad Package Sponsor Package
$314 $2040

$213 $1384
$166 $1616
The nationwide Summer Collection starts from:
7 day advertising package of one 30 sec ad every available hour on all 5 stations $1,476
Full Summer Quarter sponsorship package of one 30 sec message every available hour for 90 Days on all 5 stations $10,072

* NEW *
60 day sponsorship package $6,714
30 day sponsorship package $3,357

  • See Current Advertising & Sponsorship Rates for full details and conditions
  • GST exclusive
  • Sponsor packages are limited to only four per station
  • Summer Quarter runs December 1 2011 - February 29 2012 inclusive

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