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LocalRadio.Choice : Current Advertising & Sponsorship Rates

Current Advertising & Sponsorship Rates
 Radio Market7 Day Spot Package90/60/30 Day Sponsorship Packages

Taranaki $128$831/$554/$277
Auckland $157$1020/$680/$340
Summer Quarter $314$2040/$1360/$680

Northland $425$2721/$1814/$907
Summer Quarter $783$5032/$3354/$1677
Wellington $598$3886/$2590/$1295
Hawkes Bay $260$1703/$1135/$568
Waikato $75$487/$325/$162
Summer Quarter $213$1384/$923/$461
Northland $436$2808/$1872/$936
Auckland $533$3470/$2313/$1157
Wellington $386$2511/$1674/$837
Canterbury $166$1501/$1000/$500
Canterbury $273$1746/$1164/$582
Auckland $225$1449/$966/$483
Northland $112$720/$480/$240
Waikato $72$468/$312/$156
Southern Lakes $168$1080/$720/$360
Nelson $83$808/$539/$269
Summer Quarter $166$1616/$1077/$539

  • GST exclusive
  • All adverts and sponsorship messages are 30 seconds
  • Available hours per week vary by station
  • All adverts and sponsorship messages are broadcast run-of-station
  • Maximum broadcast of one ad or message per hour per package
  • No discounts
  • Contra arrangements by negotiation at same rates
  • Value added calls to action include advertiser or sponsor logo on station website [where available] with click through to advertiser or sponsor website plus phone number details
  • Sponsorship packages include monthly access to station manager for discussion of additional promotional options
  • Summer Quarter December 1 2011-February 28 2012
  • Rates effective September 1 2011 until further notice
  • Agency commission of 15% payable
  • Maximum package availability of 4 advertisers/week or 4 sponsors/quarter
  • Radio Heritage Foundation acts as agent to receive and manage bookings on belhalf of participating radio brands
  • Bookings must be approved by participating radio brands before broadcast time is approved and released
  • In Phase 1 of this program, billing will usually be direct from the station to advertisers, sponsors and agencies. A consolidated billing system is scheduled for Phase 2
  • Feedback from advertisers, sponsors, agencies and participating radio brands leading to improvements in this service are welcomed.

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