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LocalRadio.Choice : The Gold Collection

The Gold Collection

The powerful new demographic... 50+

Reaching them directly at a local level with your messages has just got so much easier... these listeners know the importance of advertisers supporting their local community and their local choice of radio listening... and they’ll value what you have to say to them on their local radio choice.

There are LocalRadio.Choice stations in a growing number of areas with a higher than average number of 50+ age listeners... baby boomers who’ve grown up with the radio, keep it on in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, the shed, the car and often listen through the wee small hours as well... for these people, these real local stations entertain with music and a pace they’re comfortable and familiar with…and no advertising clutter.

Brand Market Ad Package Sponsor Package
New Plymouth
[Central North]
$128 $831
Hutt & Wellington City
$598 $3886
[Hawkes Bay]
$260 $1703
$436 $2808
$533 $3470
$273 $1746
The nationwide Gold Collection starts from:
7 day advertising package of one 30 sec ad every available hour on all 6 stations $2,228
Full Quarter sponsorship package of one 30 sec message every available hour for 90 Days on all 6 stations $14,444

* NEW *
60 day sponsorship package $9,628
30 day sponsorship package $4,815

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