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LocalRadio.Choice : FAQ

How come Iíve never heard of these stations before?

LocalRadio.Choice stations often operate in parts of bigger suburban areas [such as just the North Shore in Auckland or Hutt City in Wellington] or in smaller provincial centers [such as Whangarei, Napier or New Plymouth] and because theyíre local, they donít have big budgets to tell their stories.

Iím used to buying a national brand so can these local stations really deliver an audience?

LocalRadio.Choice stations may be independent and local but they often command avid local listeners who enjoy their music and program variety. They offer a local choice for many listeners.

Who runs these stations?

LocalRadio.Choice stations are owned by individuals, private companies and non-profit trusts and organizations. These people are passionate about delivering local radio choice to their local listeners.

How long have these stations been around?

LocalRadio.Choice stations often have many years of successful community service behind them and have become popular with local listeners.

What do these stations actually sound like?

LocalRadio.Choice stations often stream globally so you can listen to their programs from anywhere in New Zealand [or on the planet for that matter] and many have modern studio facilities using the latest technology to offer a very professional sound. Some are operated by long established radio personalities.

These stations seem small compared to the bigger networks Iím used to?

LocalRadio.Choice stations use modern technology to do a lot with little. They keep their overheads low and find creative ways to offer choice to their local communities. You can expect them to take a personal interest in helping you reach their listeners.

Why should I even think about spending advertising dollars with these stations?

LocalRadio.Choice stations offer very good value for money. Advertising and sponsor rates are completely transparent so you know exactly how much your budget buys. Youíre reaching local listeners in their local communities.

What do you mean by sponsorship?

LocalRadio.Choice stations often have a close connection with their local community and offer sponsorship as a way for you to get closer to their listeners and for listeners to know that youíre supporting their local radio choice. This is a win-win situation for you and the listeners because youíre showing commitment to their local community whilst favorably positioning your product or service.

Isnít this just reaching the same audience I can get with my usual radio buys?

LocalRadio.Choice stations are part of the legitimate media mix and offer choice to both you and the listeners. Itís very likely that youíll reach local listeners with more frequency with the 7 day advertising and 90 day sponsorship packages and at very good rates.

Iím used to radio ratings. How do these stations rate?

LocalRadio.Choice stations arenít currently included in the ratings for entire radio markets because, amongst other factors, they focus their strength on building their listeners in their local communities.

	Radio ratings deal with numbers of people. They do not assess
	radio station believability, prestige, cost per sale, listener
	attitudes, commercial environment, commercial penetration,
	or, advertising results. 

	Bob Schulberg [CBS Radio/Ogilvy & Mather, Los Angeles] 
	Radio Advertising - The Authoritative Handbook

What does ĎRun-of-Stationí mean?

LocalRadio.Choice stations place one ad and one sponsorship message for each package once only in each available hour so that listeners can hear your messages at whatever time of the day or night they choose to tune in. They place the ads and sponsor messages carefully to maintain the flow of their programs and keep a good listening experience for listeners who want to avoid advertising clutter.

Whatís the involvement of the Radio Heritage Foundation?

LocalRadio.Choice stations are supporting this local registered non-profit organization raise funds to carry out its activities by making airtime available for inclusion in the 7 day advertising and 90 day sponsorship packages. The Radio Heritage Foundation owns and manages the LocalRadio.Choice program as a service to independent local radio stations as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting Kiwi radio heritage.

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