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LocalRadio.Choice : Brand : World FM

Radio Market Wellington

Brand World FM
Frequency Wellington: 88.2 FM Stereo + streaming online
Marahau: 88.2 FM
Suburban Market* Wellington:
Core: Tawa South, Tawa North, Linden
Surrounding Area: within 3km
Rural Holiday Market* Nelson [Marahau]:
Core: Kaiteriteri and part Motueka Outer
Core Postal Code Wellington: 5028
Nelson: 7197
Population** Wellington:
Core: 11,682 + Surrounding Area: +100%
Total: 23,364
Share of Wellington City: 13%

Nelson [Marahau]:
Core: 735 + Surrounding Area: 381
Total: 1,116
Summer: 5,580
Format World music, news, features, information, jazz & blues, classic pop & rock - 24h continuous service
Website www.worldfm.co.nz
Availability 8am -12 midnight daily
Sponsorship 24hr including overnight
Advertising Spots Run-of-Station
Advertising Spot 30 sec
Minimum Package x 112
7 day schedule:$471 + GST
7 day schedule:$83 + GST
Summer:$166 + GST
Station Sponsorship 30 sec
Minimum Package x 2184
90 day schedule:$4591 + GST
90 day schedule:$808 + GST
Summer:$1616 + GST

Market Thumbnail Data***World FM TawaWellington City ProfileWorld FM Marahau

Median Total Household Income$92,500$74,200$41,000
Average Persons per Household3.02.62.4
Housing Ownership69%47%48%
Years in ResidenceUnder 544%57%47%
 Over 556%43%53%
AgeUnder 1013%12%10%
Estimated Households:7788 465
Estimated Household Income:$720.4m $19.1m
Average Yearly Income Per Person:$30,834 $17,078

* Indicative core coverage. Actual coverage maps are at www.worldfm.co.nz.
** Population coverage derived from 2006 Census.
*** Data indicative of core coverage area [Wellington: South Tawa; Marahau: Kaiteriteri] derived from 2006 Census. Summer Quarter population coverage for Marahau is estimated based on factors including local camping ground visitors and location at entrance to Abel Tasman National Park with high daily visitor count.

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