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LocalRadio.Choice : Advertising Production

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1. Existing Commercials

If you have the rights to use an existing commercial then it’s all very simple to use them on LocalRadio.Choice brands as well

2. New Commercials

If you need to have a new 30 second commercial produced, our production partners have a wide range of voice talents and the starting price is just $19.99 including GST with talent fees additional and at very reasonable rates

3. Sponsorship Packages

These can be produced in the same way as the 30 second commercials and for the same cost.

They’re not commercials. They’re a great way for you and each individual station to tell listeners that you’re supporting the station, their local listeners and what’s important to them.

An example: MyBrand and XXX Radio, together bringing you the music you like to hear, all the time. MyBrand [and positioning statement or tag line], supporting local communities around New Zealand and right here in WaiWai with XXX Radio.

They’re a soft message.

We’ll even help you prepare the sponsorship message scripts at no extra charge if you wish.

4. The Right Sound

Many local listeners are avoiding commercial clutter and LocalRadio.Choice stations want to enhance their listening experience. By keeping the ‘editorial’ feel of local stations in mind when supplying commercials, you’ll make your messages more effective with local listeners.

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