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Radio Stations in Southern WA


Region: Southern WA

ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt531DalwallinuABC local
ABC South Coast & Great Southern558WaginABC local
Radio National612DalwallinuABC national
ABC South Coast & Great Southern630AlbanyABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance648KalgoorlieABC local
ABC South West684BusseltonABC local
ABC South West738ManjimupABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance837EsperanceABC local
ABC South West1044BridgetownABC local
Radio National1152ManjimupABC national
Radio National1269BusseltonABC national
Radio National1296WaginABC national
ABC News Radio92.1Southern AgriculturalABC news & parliament
ABC Classic FM92.5NarroginABC classical
Triple J92.9Southern AgriculturalABC new music
ABC Classic FM93.3BunburyABC classical
Radio National93.9KambaldaABC national
Triple J94.1BunburyABC new music
ABC Classic FM94.5Southern AgriculturalABC classical
ABC Classic FM95.5KalgoorlieABC classical
ABC News Radio96.3WaginABC news & parliament
Radio National96.9Southern AgriculturalABC national
Radio National97.1KalgoorlieABC national
ABC South West98.1NannupABC local
ABC South West98.3AugustaABC local
Triple J98.7KalgoorlieABC new music
Radio National98.9NannupABC national
Triple J98.9VariousABC new music
Radio National99.1AugustaABC national
ABC News Radio100.3KalgoorlieABC news & parliament
Radio National100.7Salmon GumsABC national
Triple J100.9VariousABC new music
ABC News Radio103.1EsperanceABC news & parliament
Triple J104.1GnowangerupABC new music
Triple J104.3VarleyABC new music
Triple J104.5VariousABC new music
ABC Classic FM104.7EsperanceABC classical
Triple J104.9GairdnerABC new music
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.3HopetounABC local
Triple J105.5EsperanceABC new music
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.7NorsemanABC local
ABC Kimberley105.9ArgyleABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.9DarlotABC local
ABC South Coast & Great Southern105.9NorthcliffeABC local
ABC South Coast & Great Southern105.9RavensthorpeABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance106.1VariousABC local
ABC South Coast & Great Southern106.1WalpoleABC local
Radio National106.3EsperanceABC national
Radio National106.9HopetounABC national
Radio National107.3VariousABC national
Radio National107.5VariousABC national
Radio National107.7VariousABC national
Radio National107.9VariousABC national
Spirit 621 South West621BunburyClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M747EsperanceCommercial
Triple M756Margaret RiverCommercial
Triple M783AlbanyCommercial
Triple M900BridgetownCommercial
Triple M918NarroginCommercial
Triple M963BunburyCommercial
Triple M981KalgoorlieCommercial
Triple M1071KatanningCommercial
Triple M1098MerredinCommercial
Triple M1134CollieCommercial
Red FM90.9NewdegateCommercial
Red FM92.3KondininCommercial
Red FM92.5Lake KingCommercial
Hit FM94.9KatanningCommercial
Hit FM95.3AlbanyCommercial
Hit FM95.7BunburyCommercial
Red FM97.3PembertonCommercial
Red FM97.7VariousCommercial
Hit FM97.9KalgoorlieCommercial
Red FM98.5NyabingCommercial
Hit FM100.3Margaret RiverCommercial
Hit FM100.5BridgetownCommercial
Hit FM100.5NarroginCommercial
Spirit Radio Network101.3VariousClassic gold/current hits commercial
Red FM101.9DarlotCommercial
Red FM101.9Ravensthorpe Nickel MineCommercial
Red FM102.1VariousCommercial
Hit FM102.3EsperanceCommercial
Red FM102.5VariousCommercial
Red FM102.7VariousCommercial
Red FM102.9VariousCommercial
Red FM103.1VariousCommercial
Red FM103.3Bremer BayCommercial
Red FM103.7HopetounCommercial
Spirit Radio Network104.5DalwallinuClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit FM105.1MerredinCommercial
Red FM105.7VariousCommercial
Red FM106.1DalwallinuCommercial
Hit FM106.5AlbanyCommercial
Red FM106.9VariousCommercial
Tjuma Pulka (Media) Aboriginal Corporation96.3KalgoorlieIndigenous community
Harvey Community Radio96.5HarveyCommunity
2Oceans FM 97.1 (Augusta Community Radio)97.1AugustaCommunity
Albany Community Radio 100.9fm100.9AlbanyCommunity
Collie Community Broadcasting Assoc101.3CollieCommunity
Hope FM103.9EsperanceChristian community
Waringarri Radio104.3ArgyleIndigenous community
6ACR106.1VariousIndigenous community
Vision Radio Network1017BunburyChristian narrowcast
6TAB1404BusseltonRacing narrowcast
Vision Radio Network1431KalgoorlieChristian narrowcast
Gold MX1611AlbanyNarrowcast
Niche Radio Network1611AlbanyMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Niche Radio Network1611EsperanceMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Niche Radio Network1611KalgoorlieMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Vision Radio Network1611Margaret RiverChristian narrowcast
Niche Radio Network1629BusseltonMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Vision Radio Network87.6CoolgardieChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6KalgoorlieChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6KatanningChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6NarroginChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6WaginChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8KalgoorlieChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Acton ParkChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Bremer BayChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BrooktonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BroomehillChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0CranbrookChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0DalwallinuChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0DarkanChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0DenmarkChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0DumbleyungChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0EsperanceChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0GibsonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0GnowangerupChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0HydenChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0JerramungupChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KojonupChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KondininChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0MerredinChristian narrowcast
Mount Barker Country Connection88.0Mount BarkerCountry/Gospel
Vision Radio Network88.0NewdegateChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0NorsemanChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0OngerupChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0RavensthorpeChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0TambellupChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0WalpoleChristian narrowcast
6TAB89.5EsperanceRacing narrowcast
Vision Radio Network93.7AlbanyChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network93.7Mount BarkerChristian narrowcast
Western Tourist Radio95.3KarridaleTourist information narrowcast
6TAB95.9MerredinRacing narrowcast
Western Tourist Radio96.5BusseltonTourist information narrowcast
Western Tourist Radio96.5CowaramupTourist information narrowcast
Class 96.5 FM96.5MandurahSeniors narrowcast
Western Tourist Radio98.4BunburyTourist information narrowcast
Western Tourist Radio98.4DunsboroughTourist information narrowcast
6TAB104.9AlbanyRacing narrowcast

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