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Radio Stations in Country SA


Region: Country SA

639 ABC North & West639Port PirieABC local
1485 ABC Eyre Peninsula & West Coast693Streaky BayABC local
1062 ABC Riverland1062RiverlandABC local
1161 ABC South East1161NaracoorteABC local
Radio National1305RiverlandABC national
1161 ABC South East1476North Mt GambierABC local
1485 ABC Eyre Peninsula & West Coast1485Port LincolnABC local
639 ABC North & West1584WoomeraABC local
639 ABC North & West1602Leigh Creek SouthABC local
639 ABC North & West88.7MintabieABC local
ABC Classic FM90.7AngastonABC classical
ABC News Radio91.5Port Lincoln/Tumby BayABC news & parliament
Triple J92.3Port LincolnABC new music
ABC News Radio93.9RiverlandABC news & parliament
639 ABC North & West95.3OodnadattaABC local
Radio National96.9KeithABC national
Radio National98.5Leigh Creek CoalfieldABC national
639 ABC North & West99.3Leigh Creek CoalfieldABC local
Triple J99.5AndamookaABC new music
Triple J100.9Leigh Creek CoalfieldABC new music
Radio National100.9Streaky BayABC national
Triple J101.1Roxby DownsABC new music
Triple J101.9RiverlandABC new music
Radio National101.9Roxby DownsABC national
Radio National101.9Tumby BayABC national
Triple J102.5Mt GambierABC new music
639 ABC North & West102.7Roxby DownsABC local
ABC News Radio102.7Spencer Gulf NorthABC news & parliament
Radio National102.9ArkaroolaABC national
Radio National103.3Mt GambierABC national
Triple J103.3Streaky BayABC new music
ABC Classic FM103.3WoomeraABC classical
ABC Classic FM103.5Roxby DownsABC classical
Triple J103.5Spencer Gulf NorthABC new music
ABC Classic FM104.1Mt GambierABC classical
Triple J104.1WoomeraABC new music
SBS Radio104.3AndamookaMulticultural national
ABC Classic FM104.3Spencer Gulf NorthABC classical
Triple J104.5MoombaABC new music
SBS Radio104.9WoomeraMulticultural national
ABC Classic FM105.1RiverlandABC classical
Triple J105.3WudinnaABC new music
639 ABC North & West105.7MarreeABC local
ABC News Radio105.7Mt GambierABC news & parliament
Radio National105.7WoomeraABC national
639 ABC North & West105.9AndamookaABC local
639 ABC North & West105.9YalataABC local
Radio National106.1Leigh Creek SouthABC national
639 ABC North & West106.1VariousABC local
Radio National106.1William CreekABC national
Radio National106.7Spencer Gulf NorthABC national
Radio National107.3MarreeABC national
ABC Classic FM107.3Oak ValleyABC classical
Radio National107.3WirrullaABC national
Radio National107.5AndamookaABC national
Radio National107.5HawkerABC national
Radio National107.7Ceduna/Smoky Bay.ABC national
Radio National107.7Coober PedyABC national
639 ABC North & West107.7CookABC local
Triple J107.7TirrawarraABC new music
Radio National107.7WudinnaABC national
Radio National107.9QuornABC national
5CC765Port LincolnClassic hits commercial
5RM801RiverlandClassic hits & talk commercial
Triple M963Mt GambierCommercial
5CS1044Port PirieClassic hits commercial
5MU1125Murray BridgeHits & memories commercial
5AU1242Port AugustaClassic hits commercial
SEN1629Mt GambierSports
Flow FM88.7HawkerRemote commercial
Magic FM89.5WudinnaCommercial
Magic FM89.9Port LincolnCommercial
Flow FM90.9MaitlandRemote commercial
Flow FM91.3Prominent HillRemote commercial
Magic FM 93.193.1RiverlandCommercial
Cruise 132394.7AngastonCommercial
Flow FM proposed95.3KaroondaRemote commercial
Flow FM95.5KingscoteRemote commercial
Hit FM96.1Mt GambierCommercial
Flow FM96.5PinnarooRemote commercial
Flow FM97.7CoonalpynRemote commercial
WA FM97.7Leigh Creek CoalfieldCommercial
Flow FM97.9Roxby DownsRemote commercial
Power FM98.7Murray BridgeCommercial
Flow FM98.9MinlatonRemote commercial
Flow FM99.3Streaky BayRemote commercial
Flow FM99.5Kapunda/BarossaRemote commercial
Flow FM99.7Coober PedyRemote commercial
Power FM99.7Victor HarborCommercial
Flow FM100.3Padthaway EastRemote commercial
Star FM100.9NaracoorteCommercial
Flow FM101.7WoomeraRemote commercial
Magic FM105.9Spencer Gulf NorthCommercial
Flow FM106.1Ceduna/Smoky BayRemote commercial
Flow FM106.9MinnipaRemote commercial
Flow FM106.9WudinnaRemote commercial
Flow FM107.3Kingston SERemote commercial
Flow FM107.5Clare/Mid NorthRemote commercial
Triple B FM89.1Barossa ValleyCommunity
5UMA89.1Port AugustaIndigenous community
Gulf FM89.3ArthurtonCommunity
Fleurieu FM89.3Victor Harbor/GoolwaCommunity
5TCB FM89.7NaracoorteCommunity
Great Southern FM90.1Victor HarbourCommunity
KIX FM90.7Kangaroo IslandCommunity
Tribe FM91.1WillungaCommunity
CCR FM94.5Ceduna/Smoky BayCommunity
Fleurieu FM94.7Yankalilla/StrathalbynCommunity
Alex FM96.3GoolwaCommunity
Spirit FM96.3GoolwaChristian community
Rhema FM Live99.3NaracoorteChristian community
8KIN99.9BookabieIndigenous community
5GTR100.1Mt GambierCommunity
5NPY Media Umuwa100.3MimiliIndigenous community
5NPY Media Umuwa100.3PipalyatjaraIndigenous community
5NPY Media Umuwa100.3UmuwaIndigenous community
100.7 Riverland Life FM100.7RiverlandChristian community
8KIN102.9CedunaIndigenous community
8KIN102.9Coober PedyIndigenous community
8KIN102.9ErnabellaIndigenous community
Dusty Radio104.5Coober PedyCommunity
5TCB FM104.5KeithCommunity
8KIN104.5MarlaIndigenous community
Rhema FM Live104.9Mt GambierChristian community
Trax FM105.1Port PirieCommunity
Rox FM105.5Roxby DownsCommunity
5TCB FM106.1BordertownCommunity
5ACR106.1IndulkanaIndigenous community
8KIN106.5Oak ValleyIndigenous community
8KIN106.9GlendamboIndigenous community
Mallee Border Radio107.5LamerooCommunity
1557 Wild Country1557RiverlandCountry music narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Bramfield HillChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6CedunaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Coober PedyChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6CumminsChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6FreelingChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6HaslamChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6KapundaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6KimbaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Kingston SEChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6LauraChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6LyndochChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6MannumChristian narrowcast
5TAB87.6MillicentRacing narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6MinlatonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6NuriootpaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6PenongChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Poochera HillChristian narrowcast
5TAB87.6Port AugustaRacing narrowcast
Easy FM87.6Port BroughtonCountry/easy listening narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Roxby DownsChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Smokey BayChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Tailem BendChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Tumby BayChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6UngarraChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6WhyallaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6WillungahChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6WudinnaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8Boston PointChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8CleveChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8CowellChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8Port ElliotChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8Port PirieChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8TanundaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8WallarooChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8Whyalla NorrieChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0AuburnChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BalaklavaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BordertownChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0ClareChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0EllistonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KadinaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KeithChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0LockChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Medlingie HillChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0MinnipaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0MoontaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0OrrorooChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0PaskevilleChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Port AugustaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Port KennyChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Streaky BayChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0TintinaraChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0Tintinara (Carilla)Christian narrowcast
5TAB88.0VariousRacing narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0WirrullaChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0WudinnaChristian narrowcast
Southern Country90.5Barossa ValleyCountry music narrowcast
5TAB95.5RiverlandRacing narrowcast
5TAB95.5Roxby DownsRacing narrowcast
5TAB98.1Coober PedyRacing narrowcast
5TAB102.1Ceduna/Smoky BayRacing narrowcast

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