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image of front cover of 'Voices in the Air' by Peter Downes and Peter Harcourt Voices in the Air was published in 1976 and remains the classic and only popular social history of broadcasting in New Zealand.

Well illustrated with rare photos, this book features the people, places and events that built radio between 1921 and 1976. Long out-of-print, only 3000 copies were printed and many have disappeared.

These are all used copies of the book only.

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ZB The Voice of an Iconic Radio Station by Bill Francis traces the story of one of the most popular radio stations in the Pacific region. Established in 1926, 1ZB has gone on to become the #1 rated radio network in New Zealand.

Now out-of-print and increasingly hard to find, this is a highly recommended social history of a radio station, its people and its impact on a nation.

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The 40th anniversary of original offshore pirate Radio Hauraki was celebrated with an invitation only staff reunion and party in Auckland.

Through the generosity of the organizers, we have a small supply of numbered, original invitations to this one-off event held in 2006.

One side features a reproduction of the classic red 1480 Radio Hauraki car sticker from the 1960s.

A must have for all collectors of pirate radio memorabilia.

Availability: Sorry - sold out

image of Aunt Gwen of 2YA jacket Aunt Gwen of 2YA is more than an engaging personal family story, its also how powerful early radio personalities could become in a small Pacific nation during the emerging years of radio broadcasting.

Privately published in a very limited print-run, we have secured a limited number of this fascinating book.

Availability: Sorry - sold out

The first official Art of Radio Japan Exhibition was held in 2005-2006 and featured rare and colorful examples of original radio art issued by Japanese AM radio stations since the 1930s.

A limited number of promotional postcards issued to celebrate the event remain.

These are available as packages of 5 cards each.

Availability: Sorry - sold out


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