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Pirate Radio Hauraki Merchandise Gift Offer

No Longer Available

image of Front Cover of Pirate Radio Hauraki CD by David Miller

Front Cover of Pirate Radio Hauraki CD by David Miller.

image of Front Cover of Shoestring Pirates by Adrian Blackburn

Front Cover of Shoestring Pirates by Adrian Blackburn.

Be in fast to get one of these special Radio Hauraki combo packages...

The 'Shoestring Pirates' enlarged edition with many new photos and packed full of the pirate radio story
plus 'A Fresh Pacific Wind' the very best of Radio Hauraki 1966-1970 on CD.

Only 20 10 combo packages available!

Get a piece of the 'pirate' action and make a donation to the Radio Heritage Foundation at the same time! The first 20 donations received will each get the 'pirate' Radio Hauraki Memorabilia Combo plus a personal message of thanks.

We've dug deep in the vaults to find just enough books and CD's to make up these 20 combo packages, so don't delay, donate today.

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