01: Germany - Hessischer Rundfunk ceases broadcasting on 594 kHz.
01: Moldova - The transmitter in Maiac on 621 kHz (relaying International Russian Radio) is switched off.


10: Germany - Radio Bremen ceases transmitting on 936 kHz. SWR Ulm shifts from 711 to 1413 kHz.
11: Belarus - The 50 kW transmitter on 1026 kHz in Palykavicy (Mahileh) is switched off.


04: United Kingdom - Radio Caroline makes a special broadcast on 531 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Extract of Radio Caroline on 531 kHz on 4 April 2010 (courtesy of Hugo Matten)    01:34, 32 kbps, 365 kB (MP3)
06: United Kingdom - Sunshine Radio on 1530 kHz went off air due to financial problems. The licence was handed back to OFCOM.
07: Bulgaria - Bulgarian National Radio ceases transmitting on a large number of frequencies, keeping only one  longwave frequency and only a handful of medium wave frequencies


30: Sweden - Radio Sweden ceases all medium and short wave broadcasts.
    QSL of Tercaom Sweden for the last day on 1179 kHz (courtesy of Gé Huijbens)  2159 kB (jpg)


29: United Kingdom - Radio West Suffolk ceases transmitting on 1530 kHz and turns to FM.


05: Switzerland: SRS Option Musique, the last operating MW station in the country, ceases broadcasting on 765 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Listen to extracts from the last hour of RSR Option Musique on 765 kHz (courtesy of Hugo Matten)  03:13, 32 kbps, 757 kB (MP3)

31: Russia - Deutsche Welle ceases broadcasting via Sint-Petersburg (693 & 1188 kHz)