17: Belgium - Start of 927Live, the VRT's sports station. The first broadcast is the live report of the first division football match Moeskroen-Standard.


01: Russia - Radiotserkov starts broadcasting via 963 kHz
21: Germany - Youth station Megaradio ceases transmissions on 1440 kHz and is replaced by RTL-Radio.


08: Switzerland - Lightning destroyed the supply cable of the Beromünster site on 531 kHz, reducing the power output from 600 to 180 kW.
20: UK - VI Radio 1386 kHz starts broadcasting in a school for your people with little or no sight.


07: Netherlands - Radio 10 starts broadcasting on 1395 kHz.
20: Ukraine - Ukrainske Radio reactivates 648 & 1242 kHz via Oktiabrske, Crimea.


01: Ireland - Due to a major fault at the RF power amplifier stage, the UCB relay transmitter on 549 kHz leaves the air for nine days.
02: Germany - SWR Südwestrundfunk starts DRM broadcasts via Kaiserslautern on 1485 kHz.
07: Russia - Russkoye Mezdunarodnoye Radion, a joint venture of Voice of Russian and Russkoye Radio, starts broadcasting on 1215 and 1386 kHz (Kaliningrad).
21: Netherlands - Radio London of Radlon Media does a short test transmission (0800-0920utc) on 1008 kHz.


20: International Waters - The last surviving offshore station, Arutz 7, ceases broadcasting.


24: Netherlands - Haagstad Radio starts broadcasting on 1485 kHz with 100 watt.
24: UK - Radio Hope 1350 kHz starts broadcasting from Hope University College, Liverpool.


01: Netherlands - Radio 10FM changes its name into Radio 10 Gold.
01: UK - KCC Live 1251, an LPAM station, starts broadcasting at the Knowsley Community College in Liverpool.
07: Lithuania - Swiss religious broadcaster Life Radio broadcasts a test transmission on 1386 kHz.
11: Luxembourg - Radio Luxembourg starts broadcasting in DRM on 1440 kHz.
15: Ireland - RTÉ 2 ceases broadcasting on 1278 kHz via Beaumont, North Dublin.
29: UK - The new communications regulator, Ofcom, takes effect, inheriting the duties of the five existing radio regulators (Broadcasting Standards Commission, Independent Television Commission, Oftel, Radio Authority, and Radiocommunications Agency).