01: France - Due to financial problems, France Inter needs to cease transmissions on 1071 kHz.
01: Netherlands - Veronica Nieuwsradio starts official broadcasts on 1395 kHz.
01: Belarus - Trans World Radio ceases its transmission on 1170 kHz in Russian and Belarussian.


01: Czech Republic - Cesky Rozhlas 6/Radio Free Europe starts broadcasting on extra frequencies: 1071-1233-1287 kHz. The frequencies of 1287 kHz (Ostrava) and 1485 kHz (Brno-Komarov) are closed.
26: Germany - The Voice of Russia starts broadcasting via Berlin on 693 kHz.


15-29: Belgium - Special multilingual military NATO transmissions via Waver 1512 kHz. Programmes are made in a temporary set up by a German Army Radio studio (propaganda section at Andernach).
31: Luxembourg - Radio Netherlands starts broadcasting via 1440 kHz.


01: Germany - ERF starts broadcasting on 1539 kHz in Mainflingen with 120/700 kW.
01: Monaco - Deutsche Welle starts broadcasting in Arabic and German via 702 kHz (to compensate the closure of the DW Malta relay).
30: UK - Manchester based Asian Sound Radio starts 24h test transmissions on the unexpected frequency of 1377 kHz. They will later retune to 963 kHz.


??: Yugoslavia - Radio Brcko (1485 kHz - Psavina) returns to the air. During the civil war it was on FM only.


??: Germany - RadioRopa Info via Burg (261 kHz longwave) reduced power from 200 to 85 kW.


01: Germany - Jazz Radio Berlin ceases broadcasting on 603 kHz via Koepenick Uhlenhorst (5 kW).


02: Germany - The WDR medium wave antenna in Langenberg, nicknamed Mast Rommel, collapsed due to a mistake in the exchange of stretch ropes.


01: Switzerland - DRS Musikwelle 531 starts broadcasting via Beromünster on 531 kHz. Radio Eviva starts on 1566 kHz with 500 kW.
23: Sweden - The long wave station at Grinatol does a special 30 minute broadcast on 17 kHz in morse code (CW). This station broadcasts without the use of valves or solid state devices. The frequency is generted by an alternator such as the one in a car, but a thousand times bigger. The power is hundreds of kilowatts.


16: France - Radio France International takes over the Middle East department of Radio Monte Carlo.
??: Russia - Radio Venets leaves 1233 kHz due to financial reasons.


01: Germany - RTL-Radio ceases broadcasting on 891 kHz (5 kW) via Berlin-Uhlenhorst.