19: International Waters - At 9h35 a 25 kW transmitter is lifted from the MV Communicator with a balloon, broadcasting on 729 kHz. As a precaution the power is greatly reduced in order not to cause any interference with BBC Radio 4. Five minutes later the cables (and 6000 dollar) break and drop into sea. The balloon eventually lands somewhere in Belgium.


06: International Waters - Laser 558 starts test transmissions on 558 kHz.
24: International Waters - First official day of broadcasting from Laser 558 onboard the mv Communicator.


??: United Kingdom - Festival Radio in Liverpool is one of the very first RSL (restricted service licence) stations to start broadcasting. They use 1350 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Extract from Festival Radio from Liverpool in June 1984 on 1530 kHz (courtesy of Clive Rooms)   00:30, 16 kbps, 60 kB (MP3)
See also: United Kingdom - The First RSLs


??: United Kingdom - One of the first RSL stations broadcast from the Green Belt Festival (a religious festival) at Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire on 1602 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Extract from Green Belt Festival Radio from 27 August 1984 on 1602 kHz (courtesy of Clive Rooms)   00:36, 16 kbps, 72 kB (MP3


16: International Waters - Radio Monique in Dutch on 963 kHz opens from the Ross Revenge.

Sound clips

Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Koper/Capodistria in Yugoslavia (1984) on 1170 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:10, 32 kbps, 44 kB (MP3)