29: Andorra - The Andorran parliament closes down Sud Radio and Radio Andorra.
    QSL from Radio Sud on 818 kHz from 1973 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   70 kB (jpg)
    QSL from Radio Andorra on 701 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   45 kB (jpg)


27: International Waters - Radio Paradijs does a test broadcast on 272m as of 1130utc. It is a relay of Irish pirate Radio Nova.

Sound clips

Geluidsfragment Extract from BBC Radio Scotland (1981) on 810 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:41, 32 kbps, 164 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from the German transmission of Czechoslovak Radio (1981) on 981 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   01:49, 32 kbps, 425 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Yugoslav Radio Ljubljana (1981) on 918 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:55, 32 kbps, 214 kB (MP3)