02: International Waters - The MW Mi Amigo succeeds in leaving the Amsterdam harbour to start transmissions on 1187 kHz.


??: International Waters - Radio Veronica's ship, the Norderney, loses its anchor in a gale, and begins to drift. Eventually, she runs aground at Scheveningen.
    QSL from Radio Veronica from 1973 (courtesy of André De Block)  96 kB (jpg)


13: International Waters - Radio Caroline installs a 50 kW transmitter on 259 meters.
18: International Waters - The Voice of Peace starts broadcasting.


15: International Waters - Flemish Radio Atlantis starts broadcasting via the transmitters of Radio Caroline.


08: UK - The UK's first licensed commercial station, LBC London Broadcasting Company, starts broadcasting.
16: UK - Commercial Capital Radio starts on 557 kHz in London. The station was found by the well-know presentator Lord Richard Attenborough.
Geluidsfragment Extract from Capital Radio in May 1975 on 1546 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   04:45, 32 kbps, 1 MB (MP3)


30: International Waters - Radio Atlantis starts broadcasting from the ship M.S. Jeanine.
31: UK - Scotland's first local radio station, Radio Clyde, starts broadcasting on 1151 kHz.


??: Norway - The transmitters Oppdal and Tonstad are closed down.


    QSL of Radio Noordzee International from 1973 (courtesy André De Block)   110 kB (jpg)
    QSL of Vatican Radio on 1529 kHz from 1973 (courtesy André De Block)   96 kB (jpg)
    QSL of Deutschlandfunk on 1538 kHz from 1973 (courtesy André De Block)   71 kB (jpg)
    Polskie Radio QSL (1502 kHz) from 1973 (courtesy of André De Block)  113 kB (jpg)

Sound clips

Geluidsfragment Extract of NDR1 programming of 1973  01:07, 48 kbps, 395 kB (MP3) - courtesy of Herbert Meixner
Geluidsfragment Extract of AFN programming of 1973  00:52, 48 kbps, 303 kB (MP3) - courtesy of Herbert Meixner
Geluidsfragment Extract of Deutschlandunk programming of 1973  00:44, 48 kbps, 258 kB (MP3) - courtesy of Herbert Meixner