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08: UK - Radio City closed down. It broadcast from the Shivering Sands fort in the Thames Estuary.
21: Monaco - Radio Monaco starts with official broadcasts.
22: International Waters - Britain Radio is replaced by Radio 355.


08: International Waters - At 12h31 Radio Scotland and Ireland starts broadcasting on 242m off the Irish coast. Due to bad reception within Ireland and lack of understanding with the Irish government, the MV Comet returns to its anchor position near Scottish Dunbar.


15: UK - The British House of Commons approves the Marine Offences Act which is directed against the sea pirates. All floating pop stations are required to stop transmitting immediately.
21: International Waters - Radio 227 ceases broadcasting from the MV Laissez Faire.
28: International Waters - Radio 390, the last station broadcasting from a fort, ceases broadcasting after several unsuccessful court appearances.


06: International Waters - Radio 355 closes down.
Geluidsfragment Announcement of closure of Radio 355 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:37, 16 kbps, 73 kB (MP3)
14: International Waters - Radio London, Radio 270 and Radio Scotland were forced to close down due to the introduction of the Marine Offences Act.
Geluidsfragment Extract of 1967 programming with Radio Scotland jingle and identification (courtesty of Clive Rooms)00:46, 16 kbps, 91 kB (MP3)


18: Germany -  A new transmitter for Hessischer Rundfunk in Rodgau-Weiskirchen replaces Heiligenstock.


24: Germany - DBP starts broadcasting on 1268 kHz via Neumünster with 600 kW, mainly targeted at the UK and Scandinavia.


??: Norway - Kristiansand-Flekkeroy (890 kHz) gets a new 10 kW transmitter (the old transmitter remains stand-by).
??: Norway - A 0.3 kW powerline transmitter in Verma starts on 290 kHz.