01: International Waters - Radio Scotland starts with a 20 kW transmitters from the MV Comet. The excellent reception in Edinburgh makes the station very sympathetic with the local population.
12: International Waters - Radio London is forced to interrupt transmission because the MV Galaxy is within English territory.
19: International Waters - Radio Caroline South's Mi Amigo begins to drag its anchor in a gale and beaches at Frinton.
26: International Waters - Radio Scotland raises the transmitting power from 8 to 20 kW.


13: International Waters - Radio Caroline South is back on air but from the Cheetah II with a weaker signal.


29: International Waters - Radio Tower starts broadcasting on 1282 kHz.
??: International Waters - The Mi Amigo has been repaired and returns with a 50 kW transmitters. For a few days, there are effectively two Radio Caroline South stations, the Cheetah II on 199 metres and the Mi Amigo on 259 metres.


01: International Waters - The Cheetah II ceases relaying Radio Caroline South.
03: International Waters - Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio start test transmissions from the MV Laissez Faire on 355 and 227 meters with a power of 55 kW.
Geluidsfragment Extract of Swinging Radio England from September 1966 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:36, 16 kbps, 72 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment First day of Britain Radio on air (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:50, 16 kbps, 99 kB (MP3)
04: International Waters - Radio Tower leaves the airwaves.
??: Norway - Porsgrunn reduces power to 0.25 kW and Bergen II is closed down.


04: International Waters - Radio 270 begins test transmissions fril the 160 ton Oceaan 7, the smalles radio ship. The station, using a 10 kW RCA transmitter, is anchored 3.5 miles off the Scarborough coast, broadcasting to the north east, Yorkshire and the midlands from 0700 to midnight.
Geluidsfragment Extract of a 1967 Radio 270 broadcast (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:46, 16 kbps, 91 kB (MP3)
09: Norway - A 1 kW powerline transmitter in Brokke replaces Bygland on 290 kHz.
18: International Waters - Swinging Radio England starts broadcasting on 1322 kHz. 'Hawaiian Eye' by Petula Clark is the first song played.


27: International Waters - The British government introduces its Bill to outlaw the pirate station with its first reading in the House of Commons.


?: Andorra - Andorradio changes its name to Sud Radio


16: International Waters - A new ship succeeds Radio Veronica's Borkum Riff. Called the Norderney, she has a 10 kw transmitter on board which usually runs 5 kW.
    QSL from Radio Veronica from 1966 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  15 kB (jpg)
25: International Waters - As a result of being found guilty of broadcasting inside territorial waters, Radio 390 closes down.
??: International Waters - Swinging Radio England closes down.


18: International Waters - Radio Caroline-North starts broadcasting on 259m.
31: International Waters - Radio 390 surprisingly returns to the air as they say that they have new evidence to show that they are in fact broadcasting from outside territotial waters.


??: Norway - Trondelag (890 kHz) gets a new 10 kW transmitter.
??: Norway - The powerline transmitter ni Sand is closed down.