22: International - In Strasbourg a treaty is signed to prevent radio and television transmissions outside the national territory. This way measures can be taken against the many offshore stations. Nothing is done against stations such as Vatican Radio, Radio Moscow and Radio Luxembourg, who transmit with a much higher power than admitted.


25: International Waters - King Radio starts from Red Sands Tower (former navy basis) with test transmissions on 985 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Extract of King Radio from 1964 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  01:02, 16 kbps, 132 kB (MP3


24: International Waters - King Radio moves to 236m or 1267 kHz with a middle of the road format.


13: International Waters - Radio Pamela starts test transmissions with 25 watts on 223 meters. The antenna is attached to a gas filled balloon.
19: International Waters - Radio Pamela brings a special eight hour programme on 223 meters after which the station closes for good.


22: International Waters - King Radio closes down.
25: International Waters - Radio 390 starts as successor to King Radio with 35 kW.
    Radio 390 QSL (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  11 kB (jpg)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio 390 programming in 1965 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:24, 16 kbps, 48 kB (MP3)


15: International Waters - Radio Tower starts test broadcasts on 1395 kHz with 250 watts from the British war fort 'Sunk Head Fort'.
27: International Waters - Radio Essex starts broadcasting from the fort 'Knock John'.
Geluidsfragment Station announcement and sign-off of Radio Essex in 1966 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  01:06, 16 kbps, 130 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract of Radio Essex from 1966 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:10, 16 kbps, 21 kB (MP3)


??: Norway - Bergen I (890 kHz) gets a new 20 kW transmitter (the old one becomes stand-by).
??: Norway - The powerline transmitter Aseral is closed.