In 1964 Wireless World published a list of European long and Medium wave stations.


27: International Waters - Start of Radio Caroline with 'Can't Buy My Love' of The Beatles and the opening announcement: "This is Radio Caroline on 199m, your all day music station".


09: International Waters - Britain's second offshore station, Radio Atlanta, began broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo on 1520 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Atlanta (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:20, 16 kbps, 42 kB (MP3)
12: International Waters - At 6h the official transmissions of Radio Atlanta start on 201m.
26: International Waters - The 60 foot fishing vessel Cornucopia, host to Radio Sutch, sets sail, intending to anchor off Shoeburyness, with plans to broadcast from 1200-1400, 1700-2000 and 0015-0215 hours. The broadcasts do not materialise.


03: International Waters - Radio Invicta starts broadcasting with 750 watts via a number of AM frequencies. The studios are on the former navy fort 'Red Sands Tower'.
    Radio Invicta letterhead (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  24 kB (jpg)
Geluidsfragment Start of Radio Invicta broadcast from November 1964 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:24, 16 kbps, 47 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract of Radio Invicta from 1964 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:13, 16 kbps, 27 kB (MP3)

05: UK - Start of Radio Manx broadcasts.


03: International Waters - Radio Atlanta changes its name into Radio Caroline South, while Radio Caroline sails round to the Isle of Man and becomes Radio Caroline North.
17: International Waters - Radio Invicta starts broadcasting from Red Sands.
19: International Waters - Radio Noordzee starts test broadcasts on 1071 kHz (280m).
29: International Waters - Radio Noordzee starts broadcasting on 1399 kHz (214m) with 1.5 kW from the REM Island.  
Geluidsfragment Start of Radio Noordzee in 1964 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:44, 16 kbps, 88 kB (MP3)


30: International Waters - Radio City begins transmissions from the Shivering Sands Fort which had formerly been the home of Radio Sutch. They broadcast on 238 metres with a more powerful transmitter than had been used by Radio Sutch.
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio City from 1966 (courtesy of Clive Rooms)  00:34, 8 kbps, 68 kB (MP3


19: International Waters - Radio London (the Big L) from the mv Galaxy began testing and started regular programmes on 23rd December.
20: International Waters - Radio Invicta leaves the air due to lack of food and oil.