01: Germany - Europe 1 starts broadcasting with 400 kW on longwave from the former Voice of America studios in Paris. The broadcasts interfere with Genevan based Radio Phare so that the openings programme is interrupted at 7 o'clock.
03: Germany - Due to the interference problems with Radio Phare from Geneva, Europe 1 decides to shift frequency. This turns out to be a bad choice due to problems with Radio Luxembourg.
08: Germany - Europe 1 does not find a suitable frequency. The licenceless Radio Luxembourg protests against the interference caused by the new station.
??: Norway - Langerak raises power to 0.6 kW and moves to 300 kHz, while a 0.6 kW powerline transmitter in Sogndal starts broadcasting, but is closed down in December.


03: Germany - Europe 1 finally finds a frequency supposedly without interference: 182 kHz. In reality there is heavy interference with Deutschlandsender.


27: Austria - "Rot-Weiß-Rot" Wien on 755 kHz is closed down.


03: Belgium - Radio Kerkske, owned by Georges De Caluwé, returns on the air but as the station has no license it will be shut down by the authorities after a few days.


6: Austria - The Regional Programme changes from 566 kHz to the ultimate frequency of 1475 kHz, operated with 25 kW from Bisamberg.