27: UK - The BBC starts broadcasting the General Forces Programme via 2 medium wave and many shortwave frequencies.


03: France - After the liberation of Corsica, Radio Corsica starts broadcasting on 355 meters (and 29 meter shortwave)
30: UK - The ABSIE (American Broadcasting Station in Europe) starts broadcasting on 1122 kHz (267.4 mtr) and 977 kHz (307.1 mtr) in various languages such as German, English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish.
??: Estonia - During  Tallinn air bombing by soviets "Estonia" theatre took direct hit and and all studios and record collection along with recording archive located in "Estonia" were lost.


20: UK - The Voice of the SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) starts broadcasting, relaying English BBC and ABSIE programmes. There are also programmes in various other languages with texts from the Psychological Warfare Department (PWD SHAEF).
21: Italy - The Voice of the Fifth Army starts broadcasting from Anzio.


04: Italy - Radio Roma is seized by the allied troops who find the station in perfect condition. 24 programming resumes immediately.
07: UK - The BBC starts broadcasting the Allied Expeditionary Forces Programme, first via medium wave 1050 kHz (285.7 mtr), from September on also on 583 kHz (514.6 mtr) via the French Grenoble.
16: UK - The BBC ceases broadcasting in Icelandic, which had started on 1 December 1940.


09: Hungary - Station Q, als called Soldatensender Prinz Eugen, starts broadcasting on longwave from Batschka. The station also calls itself Studio Belgrad Lili Marleen.
10: France - Radio Cherbourg, the first allied station in France, resumes broadcasting. A weak mobile transmitter is used on 937 kHz but can only be heard in a radius of 40 km. Shortly after a 2 kW Marconi transmitter is installed, the French authorities request the station's closure.


11: Poland - Radio Lublin starts broadcasting via Pszczolka on 1339 kHz (224 mtr) with 10 kW.
20: France - The station of the French resistance mouvement starts broadcasting from Paris on 1456 kHz (206 mtr) with 0.5 kW. The station calls itself Radiodiffusion de la Nation Française. Four days later the station starts broadcasting on 959 kHz (312.8 mtr) with 12 kW.


01: France - Soldatensender Calais is renamed to Soldatensender West.
02: France - Radiodiffusion de la Nation Française starts broadcasting via Villebon on 776 kHz (386.6 mtr). Of all 6 medium wave transmitters in Paris, this is the only one that could be repaired.
04: Belgium - The Belgische Nationale Dienst voor Radio-Omroep starts broadcasting from an emergency studio in Vorst.
10: Luxembourg - The allied forces seize and restart the Radio Luxembourg transmitter.
15: Italy - The allied troops start broadcasting from Firenze using a mobile military transmitter.
16: Austria - An enemy transmitter (probably Russian) starts broadcasting on the frequency of Reichsender Wien, 592 kHz, with anti-German slogans.
20: Estonia - Landessender Reval stops broadcasting.
23: Luxembourg - Radio Free Luxembourg starts broadcasting in 10 languages on long wave 232 kHz with 150 kW.
30: Czechoslovakia - Via the transmitters in Presov and Banska Bistrica, as well as via a mobile 80 kW transmitter, a false BBC programme is being aired towards Russia. This is part of the German Skorpion Ost war propaganda against Russia.


??: Norway - The Vadsø transmitter is once again destroyed in an air raid.
01: Belgium - In the Flemish Kempen and as part of the German Skorpion West war propaganda, a medium wave station, Concordia, is launched in collaboration with  Walloon (Léon Degrelle) and Flemish (Dr. Van de Wiele) fascists.
03: Netherlands - Radio Herrijzend Nederland starts broadcasting from the Philips company in Eindhoven on 420 mtr with 1 kW. The test broadcast starts with this announcement: "Hier is 'Herrijzend Nederland', de zender op vrij vaderlandse grond, op golflengte 420 m met een proefuitzending voor alle Nederlanders inbevrijd of nog bezet gebied."
05: Germany / USSR - The Finnish freedom station starts broadcasting on medium wave via Kaliningrad. (Königberg)
13: Yugoslavia - Soldatensender Belgrad ceases broadcasting.
26: Yugoslavia - On the day the city is freed, Radio Dubrovnik resumes broadcasting.
29: Germany / France - Via the 100 kW transmitter in Mühlacker, the French government station "Ici la France" is broadcasted via the frequency of Bordeaux-Néac (1077 kHz).


10: Yugoslavia - Radio Beograd starts broadcasting.
27: Germany - An air strike silences the 5 kW station in Freiburg on 1195 kHz.
27: Yugoslavia - Radio Cetinje (Montenegro) starts broadcasting.


03: Luxembourg - The Psychological Warfare Department of the Allied Forces starts using Radio Luxembourg to broadcast Sender 1212 (Operation Annie) on 247 kHz (1214.5 mtr) with 30/120 kW.
07: GermanyLuxembourg: The Voice of the Allied Military Govenment starts broadcasting irregularly via Radio Luxembourg. As of April 1945 it also broadcasts via Bad Homburg with 1 kW.
16: Belgium / Netherlands - The British soldier station BLA2 starts broadcasting via 4 transmitters in Belgium and the Netherlands. The first station to be used is Stokkel (near Brussels). ID: "You are listening to station BLA2 operating in the field by the British Liberation Army Units."
19: Luxembourg- Because of the Battle of the Bulge, Radio Luxembourg is silenced. The station resumes broadcasting on 23 December.
24: Germany - Koblenz ceases broadcasting.
28: Yugoslavia - Radio Skopje starts broadcasting.
29: Germany - A British air raid silences Radio Koblenz (1195 kHz with 2 kW). The station will not be used anymore during the war.
31: Germany - The allied forces continue launching war stations, this time Radio Victoria and Radio Oberrhein at the Oberrheinfront.