15: Spain - Spain's new external service La Voz de España starts broadcasting via medium wave 804 kHz (Radio España), 968 kHz (Galicia relay), and 1447 kHz (Radio Madrid).
23: Monaco - Radio Monte Carlo gets permission to start broadcasting.
31: USSR - Army station Smolensk starts broadcasting on 610 kHz with 20 kW. The station is swiftly renamed to Soldatensender Siegfried and is moved to Mogilew for security reasons.


24: USSR - In Simferopol, the Krim capital, Soldatensender Paul starts broadcasting on longwave. Programmes are also produced for the local Krim-Tatar population.


??: Norway - The transmitter in Namsos is removed.


02: USSR - Two Soldatensender start broadcasting: Soldatensender Kaukasus broadcasts from Woroschilowsk on 610 kHz with programmes for the local population. Due to the withdrawal of German troops, the station is silenced three months later. Soldatensender Paula broadcasts from Armawir.
04: Norway - Fredrikstad (1276 kHz) raises power to 10 kW
30: Finland - Soldatensender Lappland starts broadcasting from Rovaniemi on 297 kHz with 20 kW.


01: France - The French government in Vichy starts Radio Révolution via three shortwave and one medium wave transmitter. The programmes consist of propaganda and try to ridiculise the enemy and its allies.


31: USSR - The long wave station Golos Naroda (Voice of the People) starts broadcasting from Smolensk.