14: UK - After test transmissions from Gugliermo Marconi's company started in 1920 with a daily music programma 2MT (2 Emma Writtle), the official broadcasts commence.


18: UK - The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is founded at a meeting of some 300 shareholders and manufacturers and registered on December 15th 1922 with a capital of 100,000. The BBC did not actually receive a licence though until January 18th 1923 despite already having stations broadcasting in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle reaching 40% of the UK population.


14: UK - BBC 2LO London starts broadcasting on 369 metres.
15: UK - BBC 5IT Birmingham starts broadcasting on 420 metres. The same goes for BBC 2ZY Manchester (385 metres).


24: UK - BBC 5NO Newcastle-upon-Tyne starts broadcasting on 400 metres.