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On 27 January 1941 a 20 kW medium wave transmitter starts broadcasting in Skopje.
On 6 April, due to an air strike Radio Belgrade ceases broadcasting. Despite also being under attack, Radio Ljubljana continues broadcasting. Radio Belgrade resumes broadcasting two days later via a weak auxiliary transmitter but this only lasts for a day when the station again ceases broadcasting.
Radio Skopje resumes broadcasting on 12 April.
On 21 April the army transmitter in Belgrade starts broadcasting after being seized by the German army.

On 13 October 1944 Soldatensender Belgrad ceases broadcasting. On 26 October, the day the city is freed, Radio Dubrovnik resumes broadcasting. On 10 November Radio Beograd starts broadcasting. On 27 November Radio Cetinje (Montenegro) starts broadcasting. On 28 December Radio Skopje starts broadcasting.

On 11 April 1945 Radio Sarajevo starts broadcasting, followed by Radio Osijek on 14 April. On 9 May of the same year Radio Ljubljana and Radio Zagreb start broadcasting, followed by Radio Maribor on 11 May.

On 28 November 1968 the transmitter in Subotica (1089 kHz - 10 kW) starts broadcasting. In May 1996 Radio Brcko (1485 kHz - Posavina) returns to the air. During the civil war it was on FM only.

In May 1999 the transmitter site in Subotica (1089 kHz - 10 kW) is destroyed by a NATO bombardment.

Other sound clips and images

Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Zagreb in November 1975 on 710 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   01:00, 32 kbps, 233 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Beograd in 1976 on 1007 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   01:55, 32 kbps, 449 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Koper/Capodistria in Yugoslavia (1984) on 1170 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:10, 32 kbps, 44 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Yugoslav Radio Ljubljana (1981) on 918 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:55, 32 kbps, 214 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Maribor MM2 (1985) on 558 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:45, 32 kbps, 180 kB (MP3)

    QSL of Radio Zagreb from 1984  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   92 kB (jpg)
    QSL of Radio Koper from 1984  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   160 kB (jpg
    QSL of Radio Beli Kriz from 1984  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   80 kB (jpg
    QSL of Radio Sarajevo  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   114 kB (jpg)
  QSL of Radio Prishtina on 1413 kHz  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   102 kB (jpg)
    QSL of Radio Novi Sad on 1268 kHz in 1976  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   124 kB (jpg)
    QSL of RTV Ljubljana on 917 kHz in 1975  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   71 kB (jpg)