The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts its first medium wave programme on 14 June 1934.

In September 1940 and following German orders, all Swiss stations sign off at 2300 so that British pilots cannot use them for navigation.

On 20 March 1972 the transmitter site of Sottens gets a 500 kW transmitter, used by SRG.

On 1 October 1996 DRS Musikwelle 531 starts broadcasting via Beromünster on 531 kHz. Radio Eviva starts on 1566 kHz with 500 kW.

On 11 December 2003 religious broadcaster Life Radio broadcasts a test transmission on 1386 kHz (via Lithuania).

On 31 December 2005 RSR Option Musique in Savièse on 1485 kHz ceases broadcasting on medium wave.

On 30 June 2008 the Monte Ceneri transmitter on 558 kHz shuts down at 22h UTC. It carried the Italian RSI programme. On 28 December of the same year the transmitter site at Beromünster on 531 kHz shuts down.

On 5 December 2011 SRS Option Musique, the last operating MW station in the country, ceases broadcasting on 765 kHz.

    QSL of the last broadcast of SRI 558 kHz (courtesy of Wolfgang Büschel)  160 kB (jpg)
Geluidsfragment Listen to an extract of the farewell announcement of Beromünster (courtesy of Maurits Van Driessche)  01:05, 32 kbps, 257 kB (MP3
Geluidsfragment Listen to extracts from the last hour of RSR Option Musique on 765 kHz (courtesy of Hugo Matten)  03:13, 32 kbps, 757 kB (MP3)

Other sound clips and images

Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Suisse Romande (1979) on 765 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:30, 32 kbps, 118 kB (MP3)
    QSL of DRS1 on 1566 kHz from 1990 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)  61 kB (jpg)