On 25 June 1941 the Soviet Union starts jamming the German broadcasting stations.

The longwave transmitter in Taldom on 261 kHz is switched off in May 1994.

In November 1996 Radio Venets leaves 1233 kHz due to financial reasons.

On 15 Januay 1997 Mirovoye Radio (World Radio) starts broadcasting on 1098 kHz with 10 kW. This is a sister station of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

On 2 September 2000 a British gay/lesbian station, LBH, starts broadcasting on 1386 kHz via Kaliningrad.
    QSL of LBH Radio in 2000  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   101 kB (jpg)
On 1 March 2003 Radiotserkov starts broadcasting via 963 kHz. On 7 July Russkoye Mezdunarodnoye Radion, a joint venture of Voice of Russian and Russkoye Radio, starts broadcasting on 1215 and 1386 kHz (Kaliningrad).

On 31 December 2010 Deutsche Welle ceases broadcasting via Sint-Petersburg (693 & 1188 kHz)