On 1 February 1925, the Polish Radio Association starts with broadcasts on 385 meter with 300 watt.  In 1926 broadcasts are started on 652 kHz.

In December 1926 a 10kW Marconi long wave transmitter is activated near Warsaw on 1115 mtr, later moved to 1420 mtr.

In June 1939 Radio Katowice starts broadcasting in Czech. Once a week programmes in German are transmitted.
Due to the German invasion in September of that very same year, several stations such as Krakow, Katowice, Thorn, Posen and Ludz are silenced. Then again, Polskie Radio in Razyn is activated. However, it is a fake station by the Germans, broadcasting Polish songs and information, who want the Polish population to believe that Warsaw has already been taken by the German troops.
Other stations like Wilna, Lemberg and Baranowicze are destroyed. By 25 September the last remaining transmitter Warszawa II is deactivated and is replaced by a shortwave transmitter which fails to reach the Polish population.
On 1 October Polskie Radio ceases broadcasting from Warsaw. The last piece of information is broadcast in Polish, French and English and was as follows: "Hello, hello. Do you hear us? This is our last broadcast. Today German troops invaded Warsaw. We send brotherly greetings to the fighting soldiers from Hela, wherever they are. Poland is still not lost! Long live Poland!", followed by the Polish national hymn. Later in October several Polish transmitters are reactivated to relay German Reichssender stations.

See also Polish radio stations in 1939.

On 25 March 1941 the transmitter in Katowice moves from 1022 kHz (293.5 mtr) to 868 kHz (345.6 mtr).

On 11 August 1944 Radio Lublin starts broadcasting via Pszczolka on 1339 kHz (224 mtr) with 10 kW.

On 16 March 1945 Polish radio returns on the air in Warsaw.

On 30 July 1974 Radio Warschau makes its first broadcast on 227 kHz via the transmitter mast of Konstantynów.

In August 1991 the longwave antenna mast in Gabin Konstantynów collapses due to a thunderstorm. Investigation showed the real cause was negligence during repair work.

On 24 October 1995 Norea Radio and Trans World Radio perform tests in Norwegian and Swedish via the high power transmitter in Stargard Tychowo on 1503 kHz.

On 3 March 1997 Trans World Radio starts broadcasting towards Scandinavia via Szczecin on 1503 kHz.

On 7 February 2001 Twoje Radio Lipsko starts broadcasting on 963 kHz.

On 4 May 2004 Twoje Radio Pulawy starts broadcasting on 1062 kHz with 1 kW.

On 31 August 2005 Twoje Radio Andrychow starts broadcasting on 1584 kHz with 100 watts.

On 1 October 2006 Twoje Radio Luliniec starts broadcasting on 963 kHz. On 31 December Radio Racja leaves medium wave (1080 kHz).

Twoje Radio Chojnice Plus starts broadcastning on 1404 kHz on 12 August 2007.

Other sound clips and images

Geluidsfragment Extract from the German external service of Radio Warsaw in April 1976 on 1502 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   03:27, 32 kbps, 807 kB (MP3)

    QSL of RTV Krakow on 1205 kHz from 1972 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   33 kB (jpg)
    Polskie Radio QSL (1502 kHz) from 1973 (courtesy of André De Block)  113 kB (jpg)
    Polskie Radio QSL (227 kHz) from 1975 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)  53 kB (jpg)
    Polskie Radio QSL (198 kHz) from 2009 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)  35 kB (jpg)