Well-known Radio Luxembourg starts broadcasting on long wave (and short wave) on 29 December 1930. In April 1933 test transmissions start on 1191 kHz medium wave, followed in 1934 by 1304 kHz.

Due to the Second World War, by September 1939 Radio Luxembourg only transmits government information to the public twice a day and ends regular programming. Later that month, broadcasts are ceased altogether. When the Germans annexed Luxembourg at the beginning of WW II, the local technicians took the final amplifier valves out of the Junglinster transmitter  and hid them so that they could not use the transmitter for the duration. As soon as the allies arrived in 1944, they presented them with the valves so that they could get it working quickly again.

On 21 May 1940 Radio Luxembourg starts relaying German programmes. Five days later Goebbels orders the Luxembourg station to function as Geheimsender for France. On 15 November Radio Luxembourg becomes a Reichssender.

On 10 September 1944 the allied forces seize and restart the Radio Luxembourg transmitter. On 23 September Radio Free Luxembourg starts broadcasting in 10 languages on long wave 232 kHz with 150 kW.
On 3 December the Psychological Warfare Department of the Allied Forces starts using Radio Luxembourg to broadcast Sender 1212 (Operation Annie) on 247 kHz (1214.5 mtr) with 30/120 kW. On 7 December The Voice of the Allied Military Govenment starts broadcasting irregularly via Radio Luxembourg. As of April 1945 it also broadcasts via Bad Homburg with 1 kW. On 19 December Radio Luxembourg is silenced because of the Battle of the Bulge. The station resumes broadcasting on 23 December.
On 11 December 1945 Radio Luxembourg ceases broadcasting the allied programming and returns to own programming.

On 15 January 1951 Radio Luxembourg is completely restyled and starts with 150 kW on 208 meters with German, Flemish and English programmes. Six days later Geoffrey Everitt and Peter Murrat bring the first English programme on 208 meters: Radio Luxembourg Experimental. As the French broadcasts are expanded, the English programmes will move to 1440 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Start of Flemish broadcast of Radio Luxembourg  01:10, 16 kbps, 137 kB (MP3)
Radio Luxembourg's last English transmission via medium wave is aired on 30 December 1992.

On 1 December 2003 Radio Luxembourg starts broadcasting in DRM on 1440 kHz.

On 31 March 2006 Radio Netherlands starts broadcasting via 1440 kHz.

Other sound clips and images

    QSL of KBC via Radio Luxemburg on 1440 kHz from 2008 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   169 kB (jpg)