In October 1939 the transmitters in Venezia (5 kW), Verona (250 W), and San Remo (5 kW) are activated.

In September 1940 and following German orders, all Italian stations sign off at 2300 so that British pilots cannot use them for navigation.

On 14 October 1943 Napels radio is seized by the allied troops who start broadcasting from a mobile military transmitter with a few kilowatt.

On 21 May 1944 the Voice of the Fifth Army starts broadcasting from Anzio. On 4 June Radio Roma is seized by the allied troops who find the station in perfect condition. 24 programming resumes immediately. On 15 September the allied troops start broadcasting from Firenze using a mobile military transmitter.

On 25 April 1945 Radio Genova and Basto Arsizio fall in Partizan hands.

Geluidsfragment Extract from Radio Milano International (1979) on 1490 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:25, 32 kbps, 97 kB (MP3)
Geluidsfragment Extract from Italian Sender Bozen (1987) on 1602 kHz (courtesy of Herbert Meixner)   00:14, 32 kbps, 59 kB (MP3)