On 3 August 1989 Atlantic 252 starts test transmissions on 252 kHz from a transmitter in Clarkestown, County Meath, Ireland. Official broadcasts start on 1 September. On 17 July 1998 Atlantic 252 turns to a Rhythm and Dance format.
On 1 July 2003, the UCB relay transmitter on 549 kHz leaves the air for nine days due to a major fault at the RF power amplifier stage. On 15 December RTÉ 2 ceases broadcasting on 1278 kHz via Beaumont, North Dublin.

On 17 March 2004 RTÉ1 starts broadcasting on 252 kHz. It quits 612 kHz on 12 April.

On 24 March 2008 RTÉ ceases transmissions on 567 and 729 kHz.
Geluidsfragment Listen to an extract of the last transmitting hour of RTÉ Radio 1 on 567 kHz (courtesy of Hugo Matten) 02:46, 8 kbps, 326 kB (MP3)

Other sound clips and images

Geluidsfragment Listen to an extract of Radio North, a regular Irish pirate on 846 kHz (8 Oct 2008) (courtesy of Maurits Van Driessche) 00:53, 32 kbps, 208 kB (MP3
    QSL card of TeamTalk 252  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)37 kB (jpg)
  QSL card of RTÉ on 566 kHz from 1969  (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)59 kB (jpg)