In the autumn of 1921 a radio receiver was first publicly demonstrated.

On 16 January 1924 the first presumed radio broadcast was made from Haapsalu. On 11 May the first official broadcast took place. On 17 May the first radio-related organization “Eesti Raadio Klubi” (Estonian Radio Club) was founded. They start issuing radio magazine “Eesti Raadio” (Estonian Radio). In the Summer of the same year Swedish Radio conducted short test broadcasts in Tallinn.

Between September 1925 and March 1926 test broadcasts were made. On 18 December regular broadcasting commenced.

On 1 January 1927 a radio fee was issued.

In October 1928 the Tartu temporary station starts broadcasting. As the Tartu transmitter had low power, it could choose its own frequency. However, during winter that transmitter was heard all over Europe and interferes with other European stations so it constantly changed frequency in the beginning of the 1930s. It was on 581 m,  285 m,  470 m,  578 m,  464.5 m,  505 m,  441 m... and so on. So it's was called Lendav Tartlane (Flying Tartuman, like Flying Dutchman).

In July of 1929 a new transmitter starts in Lasnamäe. The Kopli transmitter was moved to Tartu.

In the summer 1934 music was broadcasted for the first time during daytime (until this was only broadcasted in the evenings).

On 15 December 1937 the Türi radiostation starts broadcasting. It is the most modern transmitter in Europe at this time.

In 1938 the first stereo MW broadcast took place.

On 26 August 1941 Lasnamäe station stops broadcasting. In the Summer of this year all three MW transmitters (Tallinn, Tartu, Türi) are destroyed by a Soviet destroy batallion. On 7 September "Landessender Estland" starts broadcasting via Reval (Tallinn) on 1348 kHz with a 350 watt transmitter. An additionnal station with a higher power output (20 kW) starts on 20 September on 1058 kHz.

In March 1944 during  Tallinn air bombing by soviets "Estonia" theatre took direct hit and and all studios and record collection along with recording archive located in "Estonia" were lost. On 20 September Landessender Reval stops broadcasting.