On 9 August 1939, commercial station Radio Andorra starts broadcasting on 722 kHz (415.4 m) during the day with 60 kW, and on 274m during the night. The pogrammes are directed to France.

On 18 September 1958 Andorradio starts broadcasting on 376 metres with 120 kW. The station changes its name to Sud Radio in August of 1966.

As of 2 March 1969, the Radio Caroline Revival Hour is broadcast over the transmitter of Radio Andorra on 428 metres.

On 29 March 1981 the Andorran parliament closes down Sud Radio and Radio Andorra.

    QSL from Radio Sud on 818 kHz from 1973 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   70 kB (jpg)
    QSL from Radio Andorra on 701 (courtesy of Peter Vaegler)   45 kB (jpg)