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KZOO Radio Celebrates 50 Years of Radio Broadcasting in Hawaii

Looking To The Next 50 Years

By David Furuya
President and Owner of KZOO Radio
January 15, 2014

KZOO Radio is proud to celebrate 50 years of radio broadcasting in Hawaii, and now our main focus is on the future and evolving so that KZOO is around another 50 years!

David Furuya
President and Owner of KZOO Radio

KZOO has embraced new media concepts. In 2011, thanks to a collaboration between Shirokiya and KZOO International, the KZOO Radio Shirokiya Satellite Studio was launched at Ala Moana Center.

The studio serves as a live broadcast studio for KZOO Radio, simulcasts on Oceanic Digital Channel 888, and is used as an event stage for promotions. It produces program content for the KZOO Aloha Hotline Program, which airs on 90-plus radio stations throughout Japan.

KZOO also produces a "Sakura 'Ohana" show, which honors Hawaii's rich history with more English-speaking guests who "love" Hawaii and showcases live music performances by local and international artists.

There are strong bonds between Japan and Hawaii. KZOO will continue to be an "ambassador" for people in Japan who love Hawaii, and the people in Hawaii who have a great interest in Japan, with extensive coverage of news, music, information and cultural programs.

Kevin Kaneshiro, Vacations Hawaii sales and promotions manager, places the first sponsor logo on the corporate logo board wall in the KZOO Radio Shirokiya Studio at Ala Moana Center | Aloha Hotline photos

The key growth strategy in 2014 is to bring in a select group of sponsors to take advantage of the new multimedia packages that are effective in reaching a desirable consumer base. Only KZOO offers packages that include:

  • Radio: KZOO Radio 1210 AM for residents and visitors;
  • Japan Radio: PR opportunities on top radio stations throughout Japan;
  • Event Stage: Logo placement at Shirokiya Studio with thousands of passersby each day;
  • TV: KZOO TV News airs 12 times per day in-room in 100-plus hotels;
  • Print ads and in-flight airline PR: promotion with KZOO's travel partners;
  • Product Sales: In-store product sales at the Shirokiya Studio;
  • Travel: Inbound/outbound Aloha Hotline program tours between Japan and Hawaii;
  • Website: and
  • KZOO annual community events.

Radio is no longer "just radio." Our goal is to reach a wide range of consumers via innovative avenues. KZOO is ready to meet the demand as we embark on our journey for the next 50 years.

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