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Editorial: 2080 Campaign Launched

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Now we're almost 6 months into a new financial year, we have to do something about the dreaded 20/80 ratio... basically we have 80% of the funds needed until September 30 but we must bridge the missing 20% gap otherwise we'll record another loss for the year!

Popularity and Use are UP!

2YB New Plymouth QSL 1948

2YB New Plymouth NZ. 1948
© Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Compared to this exact time a year ago visitor sessions are up 3.4%, users are up 2.1%, pageviews are up 1.7% and new users are slightly down at 81% while 19% are returning to enjoy us again.

China now Visitor Source #5

People come visit us from over 100 countries and the top 5 are now New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK and China replacing India from a year ago.


TIFC Faro del Caribe, Costa Rica. 1958
© Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Donations this time last year covered all our costs but this year we're running almost 20% less. Please help us find the $A2,322 we still need by September 30 and so we can continue bringing you more stories and free services.

93 Regular Donations of $25

Just 93 people of the thousands who visit here each month donating $25 each will bridge the gap. Will you please be one of those 93? We'll add you to the Supporter Roll of Honor and thousands of people will thank you for keeping the project on track!

2014 2015
$11732September 30 target$11732
$12054Received$ 9410

The 2080 Campaign is now underway and your donation via our Paypal donate button will be acknowledged with thanks. All funds are used to meet our regular monthly overhead costs such as storage, utiliities and office service expenses. These are fixed for 5 years.

Our volunteers maintain the website, research and prepare the features and radio guides and continue their work on the new website and the Collective Access database projects for release later this year/early 2016. After more than 10 years we're still small and personal enough that each individual supporter is known by name!

You can make sure we continue keeping the radio memories safe..... thank you in advance for your donation to bridge the 2080 gap!

Radio Indonesia QSL 1948

Radio Indonesia, Makassar, Dutch East Indies. 1949
© Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation


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We are registered with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department as having approved donee status for New Zealand tax residents who can claim a one-third rebate for every dollar donated to the Radio Heritage Foundation. Our New Zealand Goods & Services Tax [GST] registration number is 89-199-638.

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