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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Caribbean AM/SW Radio

Barbados, Bermuda, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago and excluding Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti

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kHz Call/Brand Country Location
550 WPAB Puerto Rico Ponce
580 WKAQ Puerto Rico San Juan
658 Radio Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Basse-Terre
670 ZQI Radio Jamaica Jamaica Kingston
680 WAPA Puerto Rico San Juan
710 WKJB Puerto Rico Mayaguez
722 PJC2 Juliana Zender Netherlands Antilles Willemstad, Curacao
740 WIAC Puerto Rico Santurce
790 VP4RD Radio Trinidad Trinidad & Tobago Port of Spain
860 WNEL Puerto Rico San Juan
910 WPRP Puerto Rico Ponce
940 WIPR Puerto Rico Santurce
990 WPRA Puerto Rico Mayaguez
1070 WKVM Puerto Rico San Juan
1110 WVJP Puerto Rico Caguas
1150 WORA Puerto Rico Mayaguez
1230 ZFY Radio Demerara British Guiana Georgetown
  ZIK2 Radio Belize British Honduras Belize
  WIVI US Virgin Islands Christiansted, St Croix
1235 ZBM1 Bermuda Hamilton
1240 WJFR Puerto Rico Caguas
1260 WISO Puerto Rico Ponce
1280 WCMN Puerto Rico Arecibo
1300 WTIL Puerto Rico Mayaguez
1320 WRIO Puerto Rico Rio Piedras
1340 ZBM2 Bermuda Hamilton
  WSTA US Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie
1400 WAEL Puerto Rico Mayaguez
  WITA Puerto Rico San Juan
1450 WMIA Puerto Rico Caguas
1490 WMDD Puerto Rico Fajardo
1500 Radio Martinique Martinique Fort de France
1520 WWWW Puerto Rico Rio Piedras
1560 WENA Puerto Rico Bayamon
1590 WXRF Puerto Rico Guayama
3235 ZFY Radio Demerara British Guiana Georgetown
3275 VP4RD Radio Trinidad Trinidad & Tobago Port of Spain
3300 ZKI2 Radio Belize British Honduras Belize
3360 ZQI Radio Jamaica Jamaica Kingston
4950 ZKI2 Radio Belize British Honduras Belize
  ZQI Radio Jamaica Jamaica Kingston
5752 PZH5 AV Radio Omroep Surinam Dutch Guiana Paramaribo
5981 ZFY Radio Demerara British Guiana Georgetown
6085 VP4RD Radio Trinidad Trinidad & Tobago Port of Spain
6100 ZKI2 Radio Belize British Honduras Belize
6199 Radio Cayenne French Guiana Cayenne
7430 FG8HA Radio Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Basse-Terre
7547 ZNX32 Barbados Rediffusion Service Ltd Barbados Bridgetown
9700 Radio Martinique Martinique Fort de France
15405 PZC AV Radio Omroep Surinam Dutch Guiana Paramaribo

It Happened 1953

President Dwight D Eisenhower inaugurated
North Sea Floods kill thousands in Netherlands & UK
Ian Fleming publishes his first James Bond book: Casino Royale
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Fidel Castro attack on Moncado Barracks, Cuba
Sugar rationing ends in UK
British military occupation of British Guiana
Nobel Peace Prize for Literature: Sir Winston Churchill
Playboy magazine
Pat Benetar
Pierce Brosnan
Alex Van Halen
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Bassinger
Hank Williams
Joseph Stalin
Alice Prin ĎKiki de Montparnasseí
Django Reinhardt
Rene Fonck
Dylan Thomas
Registered Broadcasting Receivers
Puerto Rico 150000
British Guiana 35000
Trinidad 30000
Bermuda 15600
Netherlands Antilles 15000
Jamaica 12500
Barbados 9425
Surinam 8000
Bahamas 4053
Martinique 3247
British Honduras 1347
Guadeloupe 1166

Favorite Movies of 1953: Your Personal Collection

Top 20 Singles

  Artist Song
1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge
2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios
3 Patti Page [How Much is] That Doggie in the Window
4 Eddie Fisher Iím Walking Behind You
5 Ames Brothers You, You, You
6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You
7 Les Baxter April in Portugal
8 Perry Como No Other Love
9 Perry Como Donít Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
10 Frankie Lane I Believe
11 Pee Wee Hunt Oh
12 Frank Chacksfield Ebb Tide
13 Nat King Cole Pretend
14 Richard Hayman Ruby
15 Stan Freberg St George and the Dragonet
16 The Hilltoppers PS I Love You
17 The Gaylords Tell Me Youíre Mine
18 Julias La Rosa Eh Cumpari!
19 Tony Bennett Rags to Riches
20 Doris Day Anna

Top 5 Music Albums: Your Personal Collection

Reflecting on the Caribbean 1953

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