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"The Voice of the Golden West"

image of Cecily Spicer 2PK

"Cecily" of the 2PK Sunshine Club

Parkes Broadcasting Co. Pty. Ltd. is the licensee of 2PK, which came on the air on October 5th 1937.

This station which is a unit of the Macquarie Network, transmits upon a wavelength of 214 metres at a frequency of 1400 kilocycles with an aerial power of 200 watts. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 7.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; 6 to 10 p.m.; Saturdays, 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 8.45 a.m. to Noon; 6 to 10 p.m.

In addition to Parkes the station enjoys a large audience throughout the Central West in many towns including Forbes, Peak Hill, Narromine, Wellington, Condobolin, Bogan Gate, Eugowra, Tullamore, Trundle, West Wyalong, Manildra and Molong.

image of A. J. Matthews 2PK

A. J. Matthews 2PK Chairman of Directors

Directors: - Messrs. A. J. Matthews (Chairman); Hon. F. W. Spicer, M.L.C. (Managing Director); H. G. Horner; C. J. Johnson; J. P. Sheahan and J. P. Ryan.

HON. F. W. SPICER, Managing Director, has been an Alderman of the Parkes Municipal Council for 25 years, during which he has occupied the Mayoral Chair for 12 terms. It was mainly due to his efforts that the R.A.A.F. Air School was established in Parkes.

image of F Spicer 2PK

F. W. Spicer 2PK Managing Director

ROYSTON MARCUS, Manager and Secretary: Entered broadcasting in 1931 when he joined 4BK Brisbane, as announcer. Became play producer retaining his announcing duties. Was appointed manager of 4IP in 1935 when that station came on the air; resigned in 1937; free-lanced as radio actor and playwright in Brisbane and Sydney until appointed manager of 2PK in October, 1939. Before entering broadcasting Mr. Marcus had considerable experience as actor and producer.

CECILY SPICER: Announcer, and "Cecily" who guides the 2PK Sunshine Club, the financial efforts of which are devoted to the Far West Children's Health Scheme. The "Sunshine Club'' has a membership of over 5,000 and from its activities the Far West Scheme benefits by more than |700 annually.

image of Royston Marcus2PK

Royston Marcus 2PK Manager and Secretary

ROSS WEEKES: Announcer, a native of Eugowra. Having served with the Force's, Ross began his radio career at 2CK Cessnock, and later took up his present position with 2PK.

BOB BARTON: Technician-announcer, originally studied for the medical profession, but decided in favour of radio. Studio Manager at 2LF Young for six years, later joined 4VL , Charleville.

VICTOR SHILLCOCK, A.M.I.R.E., Technician-Announcer, studied at Sydney Technical High School. With Radio Corporation of New Zealand until 1941, then joined A.W.A. Later he was associated with Netherlands Indies Radio Communications in Sydney and Brisbane. Licensee of Experimental Station VK2VS.
image of 2PK QSL

2PK issued this listener card in 1945
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Australian Radio History

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2PK - "The Voice of the Golden West",' Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners' Annual of Australia 1946-47.
Editor: C C Faulkner.
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