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These radio guides are a free service worldwide thanks to our donors. You can easily become a donor from as little as A$1 and help keep them free. You'll then be listed on our Supporter page and support the global radio memories project as well.

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Your small and regular donations help keep these radio guides free for everyone. Micro-donations as little as $1 are possible and very much appreciated.

Welcome to our radio guides. More are coming.

  • You'll find a lot of information about radio stations in an easy to use format
  • You can search by location, frequency or even the station name
  • You can easily go to the website of most stations [PAL excluded] and listen to direct broadcasts [some stations may geo-block you because of where you live and copyright issues] and find out about station promotions, personalities, contests and more.

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Information contained in these guides is for personal and non-commercial use only and is not to be reproduced or published electronically or in any other form without our written permission.

Keeping Updated

We hope you'll find our radio guides useful. Please email us of any changes to help us keep them up to date.

Thank you from the team and supporters at Radio Heritage Foundation and enjoy this free service.. and thank you big time if you can make a donation to keep it free in the future.

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