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AM Stations in Waikato


Radio Region: Waikato

StationkHz/MHzLocationBroadcasting from
RNZ National729South WaikatoWiltsdown
RNZ National1143HamiltonEureka
RNZ AM Network (Parliament)1494HamiltonEureka
RNZ Concert91.4Hamilton-TaurangaMt Te Aroha
RNZ National94.0King CountryTe Kuiti
RNZ Concert98.4TaupoTuhingamata
RNZ National101.0Hamilton-TaurangaMt Te Aroha
RNZ National101.6TaupoWhakaroa
RNZ National104.8TaupoAcacia Bay
Star576HamiltonHamilton, Greenhill Road
Gold AM792HamiltonEureka
Newstalk ZB1296HamiltonEureka
Newstalk ZB1413South WaikatoWiltsdown
Ski FM87.8TaupoTaupo
Gold FM88.0Thames ValleyPaeroa
Gold FM88.3CoromandelWaihi Beach
Cruise FM88.7King CountryPiopio
The Edge88.8TaupoWhakaroa
More FM89.1CoromandelHarataunga,Coromandel Town
Lake FM89.6TaupoAratiatia
More FM89.9CoromandelWaikaukau Point, Whangamata
More FM90.3CoromandelOhuka Park, Whitianga
More FM90.6CoromandelWaihi
The Breeze90.7CoromandelTairua-Pauanui
The Breeze90.8Coromandel-Hauraki PlainsLower Rataroa
More FM92.2HamiltonRuru
Radio Hauraki92.8TaupoTuhingamata
The Rock93.0HamiltonRuru
The Edge93.1CoromandelWhangamata
More FM93.2Thames ValleyPaeroa
More FM93.6TaupoTuhingamata
The Sound93.8HamiltonRuru
More FM93.9CoromandelTairua-Pauanui
More FM94.0CoromandelMatarangi
Coromandelís CFM94.0Hauraki PlainsHauraki Plains, Paeroa, Te Aroha and Coromandel West Coast
The Rock94.4TaupoWhakaroa
Life FM94.6Hamilton-TaurangaMt Te Aroha
Coromandelís CFM95.1CoromandelMatarangi, Kuaotunu, Whitianga, Cooks Beach, Tairua, Pauanui, Whangamata
Coromandelís CFM95.1Pauanui/TairuaPauanui South
Coromandelís CFM95.1WhangamataTirohanga Drive
Coromandelís CFM95.1WhitiangaOhuka Park
Newstalk ZB96.0TaupoTuhingamata
Radio Hauraki96.2HamiltonRuru
Gold FM96.4CoromandelTokatea
Gold FM96.4CoromandelWaihi
The Breeze96.7CoromandelOhuka Park, Whitianga
The Hits96.8TaupoTuhingamata
Newstalk ZB97.0HamiltonRuru
More FM97.2Coromandel-Hauraki PlainsLower Rataroa
The Hits97.3South WaikatoTokoroa
Yesterday FM97.5WhitiangaWhitianga
The Edge97.8HamiltonRuru
Kool FM97.9CoromandelWhangamata
The Hits98.6HamiltonMt Te Aroha
Gold FM99.1Whitianga4 Miro Place Whitianga
Magic Talk99.2TaupoWhakaroa
Gold FM99.4CoromandelWaihi Beach
The Breeze99.4HamiltonRuru
The Breeze99.5CoromandelWaikaukau Point, Whangamata
Rhema99.7South WaikatoTokoroa
The Sound100.0TaupoWhakaroa
Magic Talk100.2HamiltonRuru
Sea FM100.3CoromandelPauanui South
The Hits100.3WhangamataWhangamata South
The Breeze100.8TaupoWhakaroa
531PI103.4HamiltonMt Te Aroha
The Edge104.1WhakatanePutauaki
More FM104.2CoromandelWaihi Beach
Cruise FM104.4King CountryTe Kuiti
Cruise FM104.4South WaikatoMangakino
Magic Music104.4ThamesLower Rataroa
Cruise FM105.3South WaikatoColsons Hill, Tokoroa
The Rock105.5CoromandelOhuka Park, Whitianga
Life FM105.6TaupoWhakaroa
The Sound105.7WhakatanePutauaki
Mai FM105.8HamiltonRuru
The Hits106.0ThamesRataroa
Timeless Taupo106.4TaupoAratiatia
More FM106.7CoromandelOpito Bay
More FM106.7Thames ValleyTe Aroha
More FM106.7Thames ValleyThames
Sea FM106.9CoromandelWhitianga
Sea FM107.1Thames ValleyThames
More FM107.2TaupoKinloch
George FM107.3HamiltonHamilton
Cruise FM107.7South WaikatoPutaruru
Free FM89.0HamiltonRuru
Tama-Ohi Radio87.6HamiltonHamilton
3NZ Ngatea87.6Hauraki PlainsNgatea
Rush FM87.7Central WaikatoRaglan
Rush FM87.7HamiltonNorth Hamilton
Calvary Chapel Radio87.7South WaikatoTokoroa
Switch FM87.8Thames ValleyCambridge
Noize Radio88.0HamiltonHamilton
Contact FM88.1HamiltonUniversity of Waikato campus
SM Blues 88.1 FM88.1South WaikatoSt Mary's Catholic School, Putaruru
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network88.1TaupoAcacia Bay
Tractor FM88.2Central WaikatoRaglan
LFM Your Hit Music88.2CoromandelWhitianga x2
Eclectic Radio Enderly 5XFM88.3HamiltonEnderly
Fevah FM88.3HamiltonHamilton
Rockit FM88.3HamiltonFairfield Intermediate School, Fairfield
Fresh FM88.3South WaikatoTokoroa
Kidz-in-Control Radio Te Waotu88.3South WaikatoTe Waotu Full Primary School, Putaruru
Truelight FM88.3Thames ValleyMatamata
Raukawa FM90.6HamiltonRuru
Maniapoto FM91.8King CountryRereahu
Tuwharetoa FM92.0TaupoAratiatia
Tuwharetoa FM92.0TurangiTuwharetoa FM Studio Tuwharetoa FM Studio
Nga Iwi FM92.2CoromandelTokatea
Nga Iwi FM92.4Waikato-Hauraki PlainsRataroa
Maniapoto FM92.7King CountryPiopio
Raukawa FM93.2South WaikatoMangakino
Radio Tainui95.4HamiltonMt Te Aroha
Raukawa FM95.7South WaikatoTokoroa
Radio Tainui96.5Central WaikatoKawhia
Tuwharetoa FM97.6TaupoPihanga
Raglan Community Radio98.1Central WaikatoRaglan
Nga Iwi FM99.6Hauraki PlainsPaeroa
Maniapoto FM99.6King CountryTe Kuiti
Maniapoto FM106.2King CountryTe Kawa, Waipa
Radio Tainui106.4Central WaikatoHuntly
The Hum106.7HamiltonHamilton
TLC Radio Matamata106.7Thames ValleyMatamata
Tractor FM106.8Central WaikatoRaglan
106.8 FM106.8TaupoTauhara
KFM106.9HamiltonHamilton Central
DA Bomb Tokoroa106.9South WaikatoTokoroa
TMS Live106.9Thames ValleyTe Miro School, Cambridge
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network107.0Thames ValleyTe Aroha
Unforgettable Music UFM107.0Thames ValleyTe Aroha
Waihi Community Radio107.1CoromandelWaihi
The Yak107.1HamiltonWINTEC city campus
Community Radio Paeroa107.1Thames ValleyPaeroa
Listen Up FM107.2Central WaikatoTe Kauwhata Primary School
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network107.2South WaikatoPutaruru
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network107.2Thames ValleyMatamata
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network107.2Thames ValleyCambridge
Morrinsville Intermediate School107.3Hauraki PlainsMorrinsville Intermediate School, Morrinsville
Radio Evergreen107.3TaupoTaupo
LFM Your Hit Music107.4CoromandelCooks Beach/Hahei/Hot Water Beach
Big Valley FM107.4Thames ValleyThames
Radio Mehfil107.5HamiltonFrankton
LFM Your Hit Music107.5TaupoTaupo
SAS Live From The Base107.5Thames ValleyTe Aroha
T.A.P.S. FM.107.6Central WaikatoTe Awamutu Primary School, Te Awamutu
RAG-FM107.7Central WaikatoRaglan
Easy FM107.7HamiltonBeerescourt
Radio Safari107.7South WaikatoTokoroa
Twisted FM107.7Thames ValleyThames central
Radio City107.9HamiltonHamilton Central


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