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The New Zealand Radio Guide
All Stations in BOP Lakes


Radio Region: BOP Lakes

StationkHz/MHzLocationBroadcasting from
RNZ AM Network (Parliament)657TaurangaPaengaroa
RNZ National819TaurangaPaengaroa
RNZ National1188RotoruaTihiotonga
RNZ Concert90.3RotoruaTihiotonga
RNZ Concert95.3WhakataneMt Edgecumbe
RNZ Concert98.4TaupoTuhingamata
RNZ National101.4TaurangaKopukairua
RNZ National101.5RotoruaTihiotonga
RNZ National101.6TaupoWhakaroa
RNZ National101.7WhakataneMt Edgecumbe
RNZ National104.8TaupoMountain Road
Newstalk ZB747RotoruaTihiotonga
Newstalk ZB1008TaurangaPaengaroa
One Double X1242WhakataneWhakatane
Gold Sport1350RotoruaTihiotonga
Gold Sport1521TaurangaMatapihi
SENZ1548RotoruaHinemoa Point
Radio Spice87.6Eastern Bay of PlentyTe Puke
Ski FM87.8TurangiTurangi
The Edge88.6TaurangaKopukairua No.3
Te Arawa FM88.7RotoruaTihiotonga
The Edge88.8TaupoWhakaroa
Te Arawa FM88.9WhakataneMatata Marae
More FM89.2RotoruaReporoa Paeroa Range
Lake FM89.6TaupoAratiatia
One Double X89.7WhakataneWhakatane
Newstalk ZB90.2TaurangaKopukairua
One Double X90.5WhakataneManawahe
The Hits90.8RotoruaReporoa Paeroa Range
Radio Hauraki91.0TaurangaKopukairua
The Sound91.1RotoruaPukepoto
Bridge FM91.7Eastern Bay of PlentyOpotiki
Te Arawa FM91.8TaurangaMaketu
The Breeze91.9RotoruaPukepoto
The Breeze92.1WhakatanePutauaki
The Sound92.4RotoruaReporoa Paeroa Range
The Sound92.6TaurangaKopukairua
The Rock92.7RotoruaPukepoto
Radio Hauraki92.8TaupoTuhingamata
One Double X92.9WhakataneKohi Point
More FM93.4TaurangaKopukairua
More FM93.6TaupoTuhingamata
Te Arawa FM93.9RotoruaRotoiti Pikiao Marae Access Rd
The Rock94.2TaurangaKopukairua
Radio Hauraki94.3RotoruaPukepoto
The Rock94.4TaupoWhakaroa
The Hits95.0TaurangaKopukairua
Channel X95.1RotoruaPukepoto
The Breeze95.8TaurangaKopukairua
More FM95.9RotoruaPukepoto
Newstalk ZB96.0TaupoTuhingamata
Mai FM96.6TaurangaKopukairua
The Hits96.8TaupoTuhingamata
Tumeke FM96.9WhakatanePutauaki
The Hits97.5RotoruaPukepoto
Mai FM98.0RotoruaReporoa Paeroa Range
The Heat99.1RotoruaTihiotonga
Q9799.3WhakataneKohi Point
Te Reo o Tawhiuau 99.7FM99.7Eastern Bay of PlentyMurupara
The Edge99.9RotoruaPukepoto
The Sound100.0TaupoWhakaroa
Bayrock100.1WhakataneOhope Beach
Channel X100.6TaurangaKopukairua
The Breeze100.8TaupoWhakaroa
The Heat103.6RotoruaReporoa Paeroa Range
The Edge104.1WhakatanePutauaki
Life FM104.9WhakataneManawahe
Radio Aotearoa105.4TaurangaKopukairua
Mai FM105.5RotoruaPukepoto
Life FM105.6TaupoWhakaroa
The Sound105.7WhakatanePutauaki
Life FM106.3RotoruaPukepoto
Timeless Taupo106.4TaupoAratiatia
George FM107.4TaurangaTauranga
Village Radio1368TaurangaTauranga
Moana Radio1440TaurangaMatapihi
Gaia FM87.8TaurangaWelcome Bay Hills
Sadeaala Radio87.8TaurangaTauranga
Sadeaala Radio87.8Te PukeTe Puke
Markets Radio88.0RotoruaRotorua CBD
GVS Greerton Village School Radio88.0TaurangaGreerton Village School, Greerton
The Beat88.1Eastern Bay of PlentyOpotiki
Capital FM88.3Bay of PlentyTe Puke
Triple X88.3Eastern Bay of PlentyTe Puke
Sub FM88.3TaurangaTauranga Central
Watermelon FM88.3WhakataneWhakatane
Tuwharetoa FM92.0TaupoAratiatia
Tuwharetoa FM92.0Turangi72 Turangi Town Centre
Tuwharetoa FM97.6TurangiPihanga
Moana 98.2FM98.2TaurangaKopukairua
Universo FM104.7RotoruaTihiotonga
Sun FM106.5WhakataneKohi Point
The Pulse106.9TaurangaPapamoa
Capital FM107.0Bay of PlentyTe Puke
Galaxy FM107.0Eastern Bay of PlentyKawerau
TLC Radio107.0RotoruaNgongotaha
Gaia FM107.1TaurangaOtumoetai
TLC Radio107.2RotoruaRotorua CBD
3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network107.2TaurangaBethlehem
Arataki School FM107.2TaurangaArataki School, Mt Maunganui
Tutarawananga FM [Merivale Community Radio]107.5TaurangaMerivale School, Merivale
Radio T.A.K.P107.6TaurangaTe Akau ki Papamoa Primary School, Papamoa
Radio Cindy107.7RotoruaOwhata
Sub FM107.7TaurangaBay of Plenty Polytechnic, Windermere
WHK107.7WhakataneWhakatane North


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