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AM (Mediumwave) Stations

Old La Gloria Radio

AM Stations by Frequency

 kHz StationLocationBroadcasting from
531MORE FMCentral OtagoAlexandra
540RhemaNew PlymouthKaimata
549Radio SportNelsonStoke
549RhemaFar NorthAwanui
549TAB Trackside RadioNapier-HastingsOpapa
558Radio SportInvercargillDacre
567Radio NZ NationalWellingtonTitahi Bay, Porirua
576StarHamiltonHamilton, Greenhill Road
585Radio Ngati PorouEast CapeRuatoria
594StarWanganuiWanganui, Cameron Road West
594StarTimaruSt Andrews
603Radio Waatea 603amAucklandHenderson
612StarTaranakiNew Plymouth
630Radio NZ NationalNapier-HastingsOpapa
657Radio NZ AM NetworkTaurangaPaengaroa
657Radio NZ AM NetworkWellingtonTitahi Bay, Porirua
657StarWellingtonTitahi Bay, Porirua
675Radio NZ NationalChristchurchGebbies Pass
693Radio SportDunedinHighcliff
702Magic TalkAucklandHenderson
702Radio SportAshburtonWinchmore
711TAB Trackside RadioWellingtonHorokiwi
720Radio NZ NationalInvercargillDacre
729Burn 729amCentral OtagoRanfurly AMBC
729Radio NZ NationalSouth WaikatoWiltsdown
729Radio SportWhangareiOtaika
738Magic MusicChristchurchMarshlands
747Newstalk ZBRotoruaTihiotonga
756Radio NZ NationalAucklandHenderson
765Radio KahungunuNapier-HastingsOpapa
774Radio SportNew PlymouthBell Block
792Radio SportHamiltonEureka
810BBC World ServiceAucklandHenderson
810Radio NZ NationalDunedinHighcliff
819Radio NZ NationalTaurangaPaengaroa
828TAB Trackside RadioPalmerston NorthLongburn
837Radio NZ NationalFar NorthWaipapakauri
837Radio NZ NationalWhangareiOtaika
846Newstalk ZBMastertonWaingawa
864Newstalk ZBInvercargillDacre
873Newstalk ZBAshburtonWinchmore
873TAB Trackside RadioTaurangaMatapihi
882Radio NZ AM NetworkAucklandHenderson
891Magic MusicWellingtonHorokiwi
900Radio NZ AM NetworkDunedinDunedin
909Radio NZ AM NetworkNapier-HastingsOpapa
918Radio NZ NationalNew PlymouthBell Block
918Radio NZ NationalTimaruFairview
927Newstalk ZBPalmerston NorthKairanga
936New SupremoAucklandHenderson
945Newstalk ZBGisborneWainui
954CoastDunedinCentre Road
954TAB Trackside RadioHamiltonHamilton
963Radio NZ AM NetworkChristchurchGebbies Pass
963StarChristchurchGebbies Pass
981Radio NZ NationalMid NorthlandOhaewai
981StarTimaruSt Andrews
990Apna 990AMAucklandHenderson
990TAB Trackside RadioNelsonRichmond
999Manawatu People's RadioPalmerston NorthSetters Line
1008Newstalk ZBTaurangaPaengaroa
1017Newstalk ZBChristchurchMarshlands
1026Newstalk ZBWhangareiOtaika
1026Newstalk ZBFar NorthWaipapakauri
1026StarInvercargillTussock Creek
1035Newstalk ZBWellingtonTitahi Bay, Porirua
1044Newstalk ZBDunedinHighcliff Road
1053Newstalk ZBNew PlymouthBell Block
1062Radio SportWanganuiKaitoke
1071Radio NZ NationalMastertonWaingawa
1071TAB Trackside RadioAshburtonWinchmore
1080Newstalk ZBAucklandHenderson
1089Radio SportPalmerston NorthKairanga
1098Newstalk ZBChristchurchOuruhia
1107Magic TalkRotoruaHinemoa Point
1107Magic TalkTaurangaMaketu
1116Radio NZ NationalNelsonStoke
1125Radio HaurakiDunedinCentre Road
1125Radio SportNapier-HastingsPakowai
1143Radio NZ NationalHamiltonEureka
1152Newstalk ZBTimaruFairview West
1161Te Upoko o te IkaWellingtonTitahi Bay, Porirua
1188Radio NZ NationalRotoruaTihiotonga
1197Newstalk ZBWanganuiKaitoke
1206TAB Trackside RadioDunedinHighcliff
1215Newstalk ZBMid NorthlandOhaewai
1224TAB Trackside RadioInvercargillKennington
1233Magic TalkWellingtonHorokiwi
1242One Double XWhakataneWhakatane
1242TAB Trackside RadioTimaruFairview West
1260TAB Trackside RadioChristchurchMarshlands
1269The HitsNelsonTakaka
1278Newstalk ZBNapier-HastingsPakowai
1287Newstalk ZBWest CoastCape Foulwind
1296Newstalk ZBHamiltonEureka
1305Radio DunedinDunedinHighcliff
1314Radio NZ AM NetworkInvercargillDacre
1314Radio NZ NationalGisborneWainui
1332Radio SportAucklandHenderson
1341Newstalk ZBNelsonStoke
1350Radio SportRotoruaTihiotonga
1359MORE FMCentral OtagoKelvin Heights East
1368Magic TalkNapier-HastingsWhakatu Substation
1368Village RadioTaurangaTauranga
1377Radio SportKapiti CoastTe Horo
1386Radio TaranaAucklandHenderson
1395Newstalk ZBOamaruWeston
1413Newstalk ZBSouth WaikatoWiltsdown
1413Radio FerrymeadChristchurchFerrymead
1431Radio KidnappersNapier-HastingsWhakatu Substation
1440Moana AMTaurangaMatapihi
1449Radio NZ NationalPalmerston NorthKairanga
1458Radio NZ NationalWest CoastCape Foulwind
1476TAB Trackside RadioAucklandHenderson
1485TAB Trackside RadioGisborneWainui
1494Radio NZ AM NetworkHamiltonEureka
1494Radio SportTimaruSt Andrews
1503Radio SportWellingtonHorokiwi
1503Radio SportChristchurchOuruhia
1521Radio SportTaurangaMatapihi
1530The Wireless StationNapier-HastingsWhakatu Substation
1539The HitsBlenheimPicton
1548CoastPalmerston NorthSetters Line
1548TAB Trackside RadioRotoruaHinemoa Point
1557Hokonui RadioSouth TaranakiRotokare
1575OAR FMDunedinCentre Road
1593Radio SamoaAucklandHenderson


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