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What do ABC Radio, Radio NZ, RFO Radio, Communications Fiji, KCCN-FM and KUAM have in common?

image Cutting the Pacific Free

Cutting the Pacific Free
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Each features in our new Borderless Radio Rankings as being the top radio websites from their countries when we've ranked them against hundreds of others from across the Pacific.

This is a fresh way of looking at local radio stations and brands in a 'borderless' global digital marketplace.

Local market boundaries, AM/FM/DAB/HD digital licence areas and frequency allocations are becoming increasingly irrelevant to building communities of listeners.

AM/FM and Digital Radio trapped by geography

In fact, AM, FM and even the latest digital radio technologies are trapped within geography, whereas online streaming into multi-system digital receivers underpins the real radio revolution that's taking place.

You can now check how your favorite local radio station stacks up against other radio stations across your town, city, radio market, country and the entire Pacific region. You'll be surprised at the results.

Reports available include
BRR Australia,
BRR New Zealand,
BRR Pacific Region and
BRR Top 1 Million
with others being progressively introduced.

And this is just the beginning. Over 400 separate stations are listed in our new Borderless Radio Rankings and more will join them in the coming months.

We track radio heritage across time

We track radio heritage. From original spark wireless to AM to shortwave to amateur radio to FM to digital to global wireless. Along the way we protect and reflect the connections between popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage.

image of AM/FM/TV Tower

AM/FM/TV Tower
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It's one reason why we've introduced the Borderless Radio Rankings. Because we think it's important to break out of the geographical, technological and historic chains that people associate with radio broadcasting. Because we define heritage as anything that happened up to a nano-second ago.

In the midst of this radio revolution it becomes an even greater challenge to record, reflect, protect and share the stories of the people, places, events, business brands and radio stations and communities that are so intimately involved with the changes taking place.

Radio Revolution challenges our ability to 'preserve & protect'

Radio history of the 1920's and other decades until FM was introduced is comparatively easy to track because there are written 'records' left in local communities. As more stations have come on air, more memories have been lost.

In the digital era, audio, images and other content can be created and destroyed in the click of a button. How will todays 'radio heritage' be recorded, protected and made available in the future?

The Radio Heritage Foundation is making an effort to start by recording what we can - and that includes attempting to track this 'future shock' as it happens in the new world of Borderless Radio across the Pacific.

Please join us.

BRR Australia
BRR New Zealand
BRR Pacific Region
BRR Top 1 Million

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