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The Australian Radio Guide
FM Stations in Northern Territory



Station MHz LocationFormat
ABC Territory Radio91.3Bathurst IslandABC local
Radio National92.1BatchelorABC national
Radio National92.9Bathurst IslandABC national
ABC Territory Radio94.1MilikapitiABC local
ABC Territory Radio98.9Adelaide RiverABC local
Radio National100.5Adelaide RiverABC national
SBS Radio100.9DarwinMulticultural national
ABC News Radio102.5DarwinABC news & parliament
Triple J103.3DarwinABC new music
105.7 ABC Darwin105.7DarwinABC local
ABC Classic107.3DarwinABC classical
Mix 104989.7Bathurst IslandCommercial - DAB+
Hot 100100.1DarwinCommercial - DAB+
Mix 1049104.9DarwinCommercial - DAB+
8KIN FM93.7BatchelorIndigenous community
First Nations Radio94.5DarwinDarwin's only Aboriginal radio station
8KIN FM95.3Bathurst IslandIndigenous community
Rhema FM97.7DarwinChristian community
8ACR98.9Bathurst IslandIndigenous community
8ACR99.3MilikapitiIndigenous community
Territory FM104.1DarwinCommunity
Cruise 88 Palmerston88.0PalmerstonClassic hits
Niche Radio Network90.7Darwin EastMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
XStream Radio Darwin FM 91591.5Darwin NorthDance music narrowcast
Top Country92.3DarwinCountry music narrowcast

Country NT

Station MHz LocationFormat
Radio National88.1South AlligatorABC national
Triple J88.5TindalABC new music
ABC Territory Radio89.1Kings Canyon ResortABC local
ABC Territory Radio91.7TindalABC local
Radio National91.7UluruABC national
Triple J92.5UluruABC new music
ABC Territory Radio93.3UluruABC local
Radio National94.5YarralinABC national
Triple J94.9Alice SpringsABC new music
Triple J95.7YularaABC new music
ABC Territory Radio96.1TanamiABC local
Triple J96.1Channel PointABC new music
ABC Territory Radio96.3Mereenie Gas/Oil FieldABC local
ABC Classic97.9Alice SpringsABC classical
ABC Classic98.1Tennant CreekABC classical
Radio National98.1YularaABC national
Triple J98.1Groote EylandtABC new music
ABC Classic98.9YularaABC classical
ABC Territory Radio99.7YularaABC local
Radio National99.7Alice Springs, NgukurrABC national
ABC News Radio102.1JabiruABC news & pariliament
ABC Territory Radio102.1PeppimenartiABC local
ABC Territory Radio102.9Bulman, Minjilang, PalumpaABC local
ABC Territory Radio103.7WarruwiABC local
ABC News Radio104.1Alice SpringsABC news & parliament
Radio National104.1RaminginingABC national
Triple J104.3Mereenie Gas/Oil FieldABC new music
ABC Territory Radio104.5VariousABC local
ABC News Radio105.3KatherineABC news & parliament
Radio National105.3Timber CreekABC national
Triple J105.3JabiruABC new music
ABC Territory Radio105.5AlexandriaABC local
ABC Territory Radio105.7Bickerton Island, Pigeon HoleABC local
ABC Territory Radio105.9Galiwinku, Haasts Bluff, Jim JimABC local
ABC Territory Radio106.1VariousABC local
ABC Territory Radio106.9Timber CreekABC local
ABC Territory Radio107.3RaminginingABC local
Radio National107.5Galiwinku, UrapungaABC national
ABC Territory Radio107.7Docker River, Ti TreeABC local
Radio National107.7VariousABC national
Triple J107.7Tennant CreekABC new music
Mix 104996.7Pine CreekCommercial
Sun FM96.9Alice SpringsCommercial
Flow FM100.5Tennant CreekRemote commercial
Flow FM104.5JabiruRemote commercial
Mix 1049106.9KatherineCommercial
Tindal FM90.1TindalCommunity
8KIN FM94.1UluruIndigenous community
8KIN FM95.3YarralinIndigenous community
8ACR97.7RaminginingIndigenous community
8ACR98.5PularumpiIndigenous community
8KIN FM100.5Alice SpringsIndigenous community
8KIN FM100.9RaminginingIndigenous community
8ACR101.3NgukurrIndigenous community
Katherine FM101.3KatherineCommunity
8ABN101.7BarungaIndigenous community
8CCC102.1Alice Springs, Tennant CreekCommunity
8KIN FM102.1Groote Eylandt, YularaIndigenous community
8KIN FM102.9VariousIndigenous community
8MAB102.9BorroloolaIndigenous community
Yolngu Radio102.9RaminginingIndigenous community
8KIN FM103.7Ali Curung, Hermannsburg, Santa TeresaIndigenous community
8KIN FM104.5Katherine, MarlaIndigenous community
8ACR105.3YirrkalaIndigenous community
8KIN FM105.3ManingridaIndigenous community
8ACR105.7Beswick, RaminginingIndigenous community
8ACR105.9Nturiya, YuelamuIndigenous community
8ACR106.1VariousIndigenous community
8ACR106.3UmbakumbaIndigenous community
8KIN FM106.5Bickerton IslandIndigenous community
8ACR106.7GaliwinkuIndigenous community
Gove FM106.9NhulunbuyCommunity
8KIN FM107.7AmpilatwatjaIndigenous community
Vision Christian Radio87.6Katherine, Ti TreeChristian narrowcast
Yolngu Radio87.6Banthul, Galiwin'ku, Gangan, Gapuwiyat, Garrathalala, Matamata, Milingimbi, Nhulunbuy, YirrakalaIndigenous community
Yolngu Radio87.8Balma, DhuruputjpiIndigenous community
Tourist Gold88.0Tennant CreekTourist Info/50's & 70's Classic Hits
Vision Christian Radio88.0Alice Springs, Alyangula, Borroloola, Daly, Galiwinku (Elcho Island), Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella), Groote Eylandt, Lajamanu, Milingimbi, Nhulunbuy, Numbulwar, Ramingining, Timber Creek, Yirrkala, YularaChristian narrowcast
Yolngu Radio88.0Doyndji, Mapuru, Mirrigatja, Ngadayan, Wandaway, YilparaIndigenous community
NT TAB95.9Alice SpringsRacing narrowcast
NT TAB97.3YularaRacing narrowcast
Tourist Gold98.7Alice SpringsTourist Info/50's & 70's Classic Hits
NT TAB103.7VariousRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio104.5Tennant CreekChristian narrowcast

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