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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in South East Qld


Region: South East Qld

ABC Western Qld711Roma/St GeorgeABC local
ABC Southern Qld747ToowoombaABC local
ABC News Radio [proposed]828NambourABC News & Parliament - DAB+
ABC Wide Bay855EidsvoldABC local
ABC Wide Bay855PialbaABC local
ABC Wide Bay1566GympieABC local
ABC Wide Bay88.3Miriam ValeABC local
ABC Classic88.5Gold CoastABC classical
ABC Classic88.7NambourABC classical
Triple J89.5NambourABC new music
Radio National89.9Miriam ValeABC national
Radio National90.1Gold CoastABC national
ABC Sunshine & Cooloola Coasts90.3NambourABC local
ABC Gold & Tweed Coasts91.7Gold CoastABC local
Radio National92.1MilesABC national
ABC Southern Qld92.7GoondiwindiABC local
ABC Classic93.7GympieABC classical
Radio National94.3GoondiwindiABC national
ABC News Radio94.5GympieABC news & parliament
ABC Sunshine & Cooloola Coasts95.3GympieABC local
ABC News Radio95.7Gold CoastABC news & parliament
Radio National96.9GympieABC national
Triple J97.7Gold CoastABC new music
ABC Classic97.7RomaABC classical
ABC News Radio proposed97.7Wide BayABC news & parliament
ABC Southern Qld98.1WandoanABC local
ABC Classic98.5Wide WayABC classical
Radio National98.9WandoanABC national
Triple J99.3Wide BayABC new music
ABC Wide Bay100.1Wide BayABC local
Radio National100.9Wide BayABC national
ABC Classic101.7Southern DownsABC classical
Radio National101.9MontoABC national
Radio National102.7EidsvoldABC national
Triple J103.3RomaABC new music
Triple J103.3Southern DownsABC new music
Triple J104.1Darling DownsABC new music
Radio National104.3MeandarraABC national
ABC Southern Qld104.9Southern DownsABC local
Radio National105.7Darling DownsABC national
ABC Southern Qld105.7RomaABC local
ABC Southern Qld105.9InjuneABC local
ABC Southern Qld106.1TaroomABC local
Radio National106.5Southern DownsABC national
ABC Classic107.3Darling DownsABC classical
Radio National107.3RomaABC national
Radio National107.5InjuneABC national
Radio National107.5MorvenABC national
Radio National107.5SuratABC national
Radio National107.7MitchellABC national
Radio National107.7TaroomABC national
4GY558GympieOldies commercial
Triple M864ToowoombaMusic & talk commercial
4WK963WarwickMusic & racing commercial
4SB1071KingaroyOldies/hit music & talk commercial
RadioTAB1161Maryborough/Hervey BayRacing commercial
4AK1242OakeyHit music commercial
4BU1332BundabergTalk & oldies commercial
4WK1359Toowoomba CityOldies/hit music commercial
4ZR1476Roma/St GeorgeCommercial
Hot Country1611GoondiwindiCountry music commercial
Hot Country1611RomaCountry music commercial
Hot Country1611St GeorgeCountry music commercial
SEN1620Gold CoastSports
SEN Track1620Gold CoastRacing
Hot Country1629DalbyCountry music commercial
NOW FM88.7GoondiwindiMusic commercial
Breeze FM88.9CanungraMusic commercial
Hit FM89.1KingaroyContemporary hits
Breeze FM90.1StanthorpeMusic commercial
Rebel FM90.5BeaudesertClassic rock commercial
Sea FM90.9Gold CoastCommercial
Breeze FM proposed90.9InglewoodMusic commercial
Hot 9191.1NambourCommercial
Rebel FM91.3Eagle HeightsClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM91.3Texas (both proposed)Classic rock commercial
4WK91.5StanthorpeMusic & racing commercial
SEN Track91.5ToowoombaRacing
Sea FM91.9NambourCommercial
Hit FM91.9WarwickContemporary hits
Breeze FM92.1BeaudesertMusic commercial
Gold FM92.5Gold CoastOldies commercial
Mix FM92.7NambourCommercial
93.1 Sea FM93.1BundabergCommercial
Rebel FM93.7CanungraClassic rock commercial
Hitz FM93.9BundabergCommercial
Rebel FM94.5MilesClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM94.5TexasClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM proposed94.9Fraser IslandMusic commercial
Hit FM95.1RomaContemporary hits
Rebel FM95.5ChinchillaClassic rock commercial
Zinc 96.196.1GympieCommercial
Rebel FM96.3GoondiwindiClassic rock commercial
SEN Track96.3KingaroyRacing
Breeze FM96.5WandaoanMusic commercial
Breeze FM97.1ChinchillaMusic commercial
Rebel FM97.1StanthorpeClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM97.3Fraser Island (proposed)Classic rock commercial
Rebel FM97.3InglewoodClassic rock commercial
Hit FM97.5DalbyContemporary hits
Hot 91.197.9Noosa/TewantinCommercial
Breeze FM98.7GoondiwindiMusic commercial
Rebel FM99.4Gold CoastClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM100.5KilcoyClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM100.5MontoMusic commercial
Rebel FM100.5WandoanClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM100.6Gold CoastMusic commercial
HitFM Toowoomba100.7ToowoombaCommercial
Sea FM101.9MaryboroughCommercial
Rebel FM102.1TaroomClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM102.5ChildersMusic commercial
Rebel FM102.5KooralbynClassic rock commercial
Triple M102.5Noosa/TewantinCommercial
102.9 FM Hot Tomato102.9Gold CoastCommercial
Rebel FM proposed102.9KilcoyClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM103.3KooralbynMusic commercial
Mix FM103.3Noosa/TewantinCommercial
Triple M103.5MaryboroughCommercial
Radio 97104.1Currumbin/BroadbeachCommercial
Breeze FM104.5TaroomMusic commercial
Rebel FM105.1MontoClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM106.7ChildersClassic rock commercial
Classic Hits107.1Noosa/TewantinOldies commercial
Bay Islands Radio5045Bay IslandsMusic and Community
Island FM 8888.0Bay IslandsMusic and Community
4CRB89.3Gold CoastChristian community
Rose City FM89.3WarwickCommunity
Dalby Community Radio89.9DalbyCommunity
Crow FM90.7WondaiCommunity
Burnett River Radio91.5GayndahCommunity
Cooloola Christian Radio91.5GympieChristian community
92.9 FM Voice of the Family City92.9ToowoombaChristian community
Cherbourg Aboriginal Multimedia94.1CherbourgIndigenous community
Jazz Radio 94.194.1Gold CoastCommunity
Coral Coast Community Radio 94.7FM94.7BundabergCommunity
Valley FM 95.995.9EskCommunity
96.3 FM96.3BundabergCommunity
Ten FM98.7StanthorpeCommunity
Wild Horse FM99.7YarramanCommunity
Rim FM 100.1100.1BoonahCountry & easy listening community
Noosa Community Radio101.3Noosa/TewantinCommunity
Beau FM 101.5101.5BeaudesertCommunity
101.7 FM101.7RomaCommunity
Gin Gin's Own 104.9104.9Gin GinCommunity
104.9 Sunshine FM104.9NambourCommunity
Rhema FM Wide Bay105.1MaryboroughChristian community
Radio Metro105.7Gold CoastCommunity
Rhema FM Sunshine Coast106.5NambourChristian community
Tiaro Community Radio 107.1fm107.1TiaroCommunity
Juice 107.3107.3Gold CoastChristian community
Fraser Coast Community Radio107.5Hervey BayCommunity
Niche Radio Network1620Sunshine CoastMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Niche Radio Network1620ToowoombaMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Vision Christian Radio1656BundabergChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio1692NanangoChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6AlloraChristian narrowcast
BFM 87.687.6BeenleighNarrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6BoonahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6ChinchillaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Condamine NorthChristian narrowcast
Big Country Radio87.6CoolangattaCountry music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Cooloola CoveChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6GattonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6GayndahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Glen AplinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6GoondiwindiChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KilcoyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KillarneyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KingaroyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KingsthorpeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6LaidleyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MalenyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MilesChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MontoChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MorayfieldChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6OakeyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Rainbow BeachChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6RomaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6StanthorpeChristian narrowcast
3ABN Australia87.6VariousChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WallangarraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WandoanChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WondaiChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Bald KnobChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Biggera WatersChristian narrowcast
Bay City Gold87.8Booral & Turtle CoveVintage radio narrowcast
4UM87.8CherbourgIndigenous narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8ChildersChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Eagle HeightsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8FernvaleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8GleneagleChristian narrowcast
3ABN Australia87.8GympieChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Lower BeechmontChristian narrowcast
3ABN Australia87.8MaryboroughChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Mermaid WatersChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8MoodluChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8NerangChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Tallebudgera ValleyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Upper CoomeraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BeachmereChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BeerwahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BegoniaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BellChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CliftonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Cypress GardensChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0DalbyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0EskChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0GreenmountChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0HighfieldsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0InglewoodChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Jacobs WellChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0JandowaeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MitchellChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MooloolabaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MundubberaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MurgonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Murphys CreekChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Paradise PointChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0PittsworthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0ProstonChristian narrowcast
Bay City Gold88.0River HeadsVintage radio narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TaraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TexasChristian narrowcast
Power FM88.0ToowoombaTourist radio narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Vale ViewChristian narrowcast
3ABN Australia88.0VariousChristian narrowcast
Big Country Radio88.0VariousCountry music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WallumbillaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WoodfordChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WoodgateChristian narrowcast
4TAB89.7BeaudesertRacing narrowcast
4TAB90.3GoondiwindiRacing narrowcast
Kix Country92.3MaryboroughCountry music narrowcast
4TAB93.1KingaroyRacing narrowcast
4TAB93.1StanthorpeRacing narrowcast
Kids FM93.7ToowoombaChildren's music narrowcast
4TAB94.3DalbyRacing narrowcast
4TAB94.3RomaRacing narrowcast
4TAB95.1WarwickRacing narrowcast
4TAB95.5BundabergRacing narrowcast
Switch 95.9 FM95.9RomaNarrowcast
Kix Country97.1BundabergCountry music narrowcast

If you have updates, changes, additions or other information to help us keep the listings current, please email us.

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