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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in South East NSW


Region: South East NSW

Radio National603NowraABC national
ABC Riverina675CorowaABC local
ABC South East810BegaNational
ABC South East1602CoomaABC local
ABC Classic88.1KhancobanABC classical
SBS Radio88.3BerridaleMulticultural national
Triple J88.7Goulburn (Town)ABC new music
ABC South East88.9ThredboABC local
ABC proposed89.3Batemans Bay/MoruyaABC
ABC Classic89.5Goulburn (Town)ABC classical
ABC Riverina89.7KhancobanABC local
ABC proposed90.1Batemans Bay/MoruyaABC
ABC Riverina90.3Goulburn (Town)ABC local
Radio National90.5ThredboABC national
Radio National91.3KhancobanABC national
Triple J91.7CrookwellABC new music
SBS Radio92.5BatlowMulticultural national
SBS Radio93.7HolbrookMulticultural national
ABC South East94.1BombalaABC local
SBS Radio94.7TumutMulticultural national
SBS Radio95.1GundagaiMulticultural national
Radio National95.3Cooma (Town)ABC national
ABC South East95.5JindabyneABC local
SBS Radio95.9CowraMulticultural national
Radio National97.1JindabyneABC national
Radio National97.9GoulburnABC national
ABC Riverina97.9TumutABC local
ABC Classic99.3Bega/CoomaABC classical
Radio National99.5TumutABC national
ABC News Radio99.9Goulburn (Town)ABC news & parliament
Triple J100.1Bega/CoomaABC new music
ABC News Radio100.5Batemans BayABC news & parliament
Radio National100.9Bega/CoomaABC national
ABC Classic101.9Batemans Bay/MoruyaABC classical
SBS Radio102.9CootamundraMulticultural national
ABC South East103.5Batemans Bay/MoruyaABC local
SBS Radio104.3JindabyneMulticultural national
Radio National105.1Batemans Bay/MoruyaABC national
Triple J105.9JindabyneABC new music
ABC South East106.3EdenABC local
SBS Radio106.5CoomaMulticultural national
ABC Illawarra106.9CrookwellABC local
ABC Classic107.5JindabyneABC classical
Radio National107.7CrookwellABC national
Radio National107.9EdenABC national
2ST999NowraMusic & talk commercial
2EC1584NaroomaMusic & talk commercial
WS FM88.3CamdenClassic hits commercial
Snow FM91.7BombalaCommercial
2ST91.7Kangaroo ValleyCommercial
2ST91.7St Georges BasinCommercial
XLFM92.5Charlotte PassCommercial
Snow FM92.9ThredboCommercial
Eagle FM93.5GoulburnCommercial
2EC94.5BegaMusic & talk commercial
Snow FM94.7JindabyneCommercial
Snow FM97.7CoomaCommercial
Roccy FM99.5CowraCommercial
2WG100.7GundagaiOldies/new music & talk commercial
Snow FM101.9PerisherCommercial
Power FM102.5BegaCommercial
Hit FM103.1TumutContemporary hits
Power FM104.3Batemans Bay/MoruyaCommercial
2EC105.9Batemans Bay/MoruyaCommercial
1368 2GN106.1CrookwellFoverever Classic
2ST106.7UlladullaMusic & talk commercial
Roccy FM107.7CootamundraCommercial
GNFM107.7GoulburnFoverever Classic
2WG107.9TumutOldies/new music & talk commercial
Radio Upper Murray88.7Walwa/JingellicCommunity
Monaro FM90.5Cooma (Town)Community
Shoalhaven FM92.3Shoalhaven HeadsCommunity
WYR 92.5FM92.5Moss ValeYouth community
Bay & Basin FM92.7Sanctuary PointCommunity
Monaro FM93.3MonaroCommunity
Community proposed93.3Wollongong/NowraCommunity
Edge FM93.7BegaCommunity
Monaro FM93.9Jindabyne (Town)Community
Sounds of the Mountains94.3GundagaiCommunity
Braidwood FM94.5BraidwoodCommunity
Sounds of the Mountains96.3TumutCommunity
2GHR Greater Hume Radio96.7HolbrookCommunity
QBN FM 96.796.7QueanbeyanCommunity
Triple AAA FM99.1GundagaiCommunity
Shoalhaven FM99.7UlladullaCommunity
Yass FM100.3YassCommunity
Radio Safe Harbour102.7UlladullaCommunity
2EAR FM102.9NaroomaCommunity
FM 103.3103.3Goulburn (Town)Community
Monaro FM103.7BombalaCommunity
Shoalhaven FM104.5NowraCommunity
2SEA Eden Community Radio104.7EdenCommunity
Highland FM107.1BowralCommunity
2EAR FM107.5MoruyaCommunity
Hot Country1215Southern HighlandsCountry music narrowcast
2MM Greek Radio1629NowraGreek narrowcast
GT-FM87.6BombalaMusic narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6CrookwellChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6GoulburnDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6HolbrookChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6JindabyneDance music narrowcast
Raw FM87.6QueanbeyanDance music narrowcast
Hot Country87.6VariousCountry music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8BerridaleChristian narrowcast
SURF FM87.8Callala Bay80s & 90s music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8CoomaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8CowraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Denhams BeachChristian narrowcast
Hot Country87.8PambulaCountry music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BombalaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CoomaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CootamundraChristian narrowcast
SURF FM88.0Culburra Beach80s & 90s music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0DelegateChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0EdenChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Kangaroo ValleyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0NimmitabelChristian narrowcast
Raw FM88.0PerisherDance music narrowcast
Raw FM88.0SawtellDance music narrowcast
Raw FM88.0UlludullaDance music narrowcast
Hot Country88.0VariousCountry music narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio94.3GoulburnRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio96.3Batemans BayRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio96.9CoomaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio97.5QueanbeyanRacing narrowcast
Hot Country97.7NaroomaCountry music narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio98.5MoruyaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio99.3HolbrookRacing narrowcast
Radio Goulburn100.7Goulburn (Town)Narrowcast
Hot Country101.1NowraCountry music narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio102.7JindabyneRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio103.7NowraRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio104.5BombalaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio106.9NaroomaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio106.9ThredboRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio107.1EdenRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio107.9YassRacing narrowcast

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